Top 3 Link Building Strategies in 2016

Link building is strategy of distributing links of your blog all over the web. The more links you put up, the more is the chances of getting discovered. Although Google's algorithm take serious actions against some of the link building strategies like paid-link building campaign, there are still some of the conventional and effective ways to boost your link-building strategy. Lets discuss them.

Write Guest Post

Guest posting is perhaps the most conventional and useful ways of link building. You write a decent article for a blog that has a good number of visitors and in response to that, you get some links pointing back to your blog. Most of the blogs offer guest posting on their blog.

Guest posting: best way of link building
You may think that after investing your time in writing a quality article, whats the point of publishing it on someone's else blog rather than yourself? The catch is that each blog has its own reader base and followers and by writing for them, you are just increasing your reader base for your blog. Anybody going through the guest posted article may think of jumping to your blog if they really like the article. Not only you get a visitor from another source, but these visitors will remain attached to your blog if they really find useful contents over your blog. Also, it has the SEO benefits.


There are blogs always better in traffic than yours. Comment on them. Leave a link in comments to your blog. Its better if you find blogs with commentLuv enabled. This plugin will ask for your website and will display your latest post along with your comment.

However, do not comment for the sake of links. Read the complete article and try to be as natural as possible while putting up a comment. Try to get in a conversation either with the writer of the post or with other people who have commented. Bloggers hate comments like "nice post", "great article" etc. Instead, write a meaningful comment related to the post and that's only possible if you go through the article. And Its never bad to read.

Answer questions

Join forums and answer people's queries to the best of your knowledge and don't forget to put your signature at the last of your reply. Don't forget to attach links to the blog in your bio.

Join Yahoo Answers. The best part is that whenever you replay to a question there, the user gets notified through email. That means you are dropping a link of your blog in someone's email. Moreover, Yahoo questions answers are search engine optimized and other people searching for the same problem will get to that question and you have another chance of a visitors.

There are other sites too where you can leave your links in this way., and if you haev a technology blog, some other sites like stackoverflow will help you.

Each link counts. Each visitor counts. The day you start getting 100 visitors from comments and guest posts and an additional 100 from sites like yahoo answers, quora, and stackoverflow, you will start feeling great. :)

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Top 3 Ways to Make Money from Blogging

If you want to earn millions in the first month then perhaps blogging is not for you. Before going into the details of top ways of making money from blogging, let me tell you its gonna take time and a lot of hard work. Majority of bloggers quit as they want to see money in their account in the first week of their blogging or they don't have the patience to deal with the competition in the blogging market. If you are either lacking patience or time, blogging is may not be for you. 

Now, since you are here, I may imagine that you are willing to put a lots of efforts and cash the time you are putting in blogging. So here are the top 3 ways to earn from a blog. 


Most of the small-medium level bloggers depend solely on AdSense for their earning. AdSense is a contextual advertising service from Google that pays you on CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per Mile) basis. Once you have a working blog with sufficient contents and with a good traffic, you can apply to AdSense. Depending on different requirements, they will approve you and give you a javascript code to implement on your blog. That's it. The rest they will maintain. Now every time a visitor clicks on your ads, you will be paid. If a CPM ad is shown on your blog, you will get paid on impressions. So, if you are a small publisher with good contents and 1000 pageview/day, AdSense is for you. 

Google Adsense
AdSense network
You can join AdSense at Google AdSense

Other CPC / CPM advertising service you may opt for are


Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you provide a space on your blog for a product and if somebody purchases from your link, a commission is paid to you ranging from 6-15% of the Cost price. Now this may seem to you a small percentage however, consider the fact that if some one buys an apple laptop costing Rs. 60000, with an average of 10% commission, you will earn Rs. 6000. Isn't that big with just one sell? 

Moreover, there is no particular need of dependence on clicks and the varying quality of traffic. You just have to worry about the sales. The more you sell, the more you earn. However, for more sells, you need a tons of traffic. So, this type of earning from blog is not suitable for at least small bloggers. 

amazon products and affliate marketing
Amazon affiliate program
Some affiliate services you may consider are 


Direct Selling Ad Spaces

In direct selling, you sell space on your blog to advertisers and earn from the ads you display. The major advantage of direct selling ad spaces on your blog is that you have complete control on deciding the cost of the advertisement and you earn the complete money unlike AdSense where Google only pays about 70% of the total revenue generated from your blog. However, the limiting thing is that advertisers searches blogs with very high traffic to put ads on and personally they may review your complete blog before contacting you.

If you don't want to get into this complication of managing and handling clients, you can join networks that provide a bridge between the seller and buyer. They charge a fee for that, but the benefit is you still have the choice of deciding the minimum cost for the advertising space you sell on your blog. 

One such network that acts as an interface between you and advertisers is 

How are you making money?

Confused of deciding which is the best way to earn? If you don't have a huge traffic ~30k/per month, direct selling ad spaces may not work for you. If you are new to the blogging with a good amount of contents go for AdSense. Work with them. They are the best in the market. When your traffic will rise accordingly try the other two methods of earning from the blog and make the most of it. Also, how are you making money? Share in the comments.

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Make money from Chitika - CPM analysis.

Chitika provides a combination of CPC, CPM and CPA ads and you are paid accordingly. However, I personally wanted to earn only through the CPM advertising since the clicks these adverts generated on my blog was not so considerable due to my blog niche. So, I asked chitika about how I can limit the ads to only pay-per-impression rather than the combination of all these ads and they told me how-to do it. You have to send a minimum of thousand impressions before they will start showing pay per impressions ads on your blog. They will till then analyze your blog for proper categories and the traffic quality.


Make money from Chitika - on CPM basis.

The rich media ads served from Chitika on your blog pays on impression basis. By default, Chitika shows a combination of the normal ads + rich media ads depending upon the availability and according to their some sort of algorithm. The good part is you can limit the ads displayed on your blog to only "rich media ads" show that each time an ad is shown, you are paid.

Enable Rich Media Ads

Navigate to Ads > Settings.

You will find that "Rich Media Ads" are by default preferred as Mixed. Change it to Always and save.

From now onwards, only CPM ads will be displayed on your blog. 

Important points regarding Rich Media Text. 

1. The fill rate may not be 100%. You might see some of your impressions counting out without any ads. However, gradually you will see a better fill rate.
2. Chitika will ask you to send a minimum of thousand raw impressions before they can server the Rich Media Ads on your blog. So you won't earn for the first thousand impressions.
3. Switching to only Rich Media Ads is not advisable if you have low traffic. Making money from CPM ads require a good amount of traffic.
4. If your blog is engaging and adverts receives good click through rate, then perhaps you should not switch.

Final Words: Do you use any money making CPM advertising networks? With Chitika, the rates are somewhat between $ 0.10 - 0. 18 per thousand impressions. How much your advertising network paying to you.

How to drive [huge] traffic through Disqus Comment System

Lately these days, most of the blogs have shifted to Disqus comment system from the conventional or CommentLuv. Disqus commenting system is very efficient in handling conversational comments and is free from spamming. The person has to login through Google, Facebook or enter his details before being able to comment. So, any blog owner only wishing healthy and non-spammy comments are going for Disqus these days. 

For one of my blog, I was trying some comments over various websites/blogs and found that almost all were having Disqus and in the process, also noticed that Disqus can drive huge traffic to your blog if used correctly. So, in this article I will show you how to drive huge traffic through Disqus Comment System to your blog. 

First thing which you want to do is make a list of the blogs that are famous and have Disqus comment system. It's better to choose highly popular websites rather than an average one. If you are going for it, go for big. 

Next, once you have compiled the list in the process of driving traffic to your blog through Disqus Comment System, find articles on that blog that are recent and is somewhat related to article which you want to promote. 

Now, Disqus Comment system allows you to put links in it through anchor tag. Write a short about 100 words comment in such a way that linking your blog in it through the anchor tag looks natural. Once done, submit the comment, and you are done. 

Important things to remember while commenting

  • In process of driving traffic to your blog through Disqus comment system, you must follow some of the commenting etiquette.

  • Make sure you comment at the earliest on any post. Try to be the first one to comment. Being the first one will bring much more traffic than ending up later in the list. However, if you missed it do not worry, these blogs are highly engaging and will still drive traffic to your blog. 

  • Be genuine. Do not comment just for the sake of a back link or traffic. For each Disqus comment, the blog owner receives a notification and there are high chances he notices the link. So, be contextual and yes, be genuine. 

  • Anchor tags can be used in this way.

      <a href="link">Anchor tag</a>

  • Choose only very high traffic sites, and prefer news sites. Stick to your niche. 

Some websites requires moderation. If you are commenting in a contextual way, there are very low chances of your comment being deleted. So, don't worry. 

And the last thing, do not forget to upvote your own comment. Also, if you maintain more than one Disqus account, up vote from the other one too. You can even ask your friends to do the same. It will keep you on top in the discussion. 

Here's a screenshot of a day of traffic to one of my niche blog, where I just commented on 3-4 blogs of my niche.

You can drive huge traffic to your blog if you do it right and for long. There is a huge potential in using Disqus Comment System to reach to readers. Also, the traffic coming through it is highly targeted. 

Next, your words. What do you think, will it work for you? Give it a try, return back here and tell me yes, it worked.

Note: I didn't see any SEO benefit by building backlinks through Disqus. So, use it for the purpose of driving traffic only.

How to add Featured Post Widget in Blogger

If you have this tendency of updating your blog very frequently, you might have this problem that some of the best articles which brings you traffic slips into archives and your readers visiting your homepage have to reach to Page 10 in order to see it. So, is their any way to keep some of your articles on the homepage for permanent? 

Yes. Blogger has finally introduced Featured Post gadgets, where you can choose posts you have shared on your blog and highlight them on the homepage. 

How to add Featured Post Widget in Blogger

In order to add featured post widget in Blogger, visit the Dashboard > Layout > Add a Gadget.

You will see a "Featured Post" widget. Click on the + sign in front of it. You will see the various options for Featured post. 

It will ask the Gadget Title, by default it is Featured post. If you want to show the post title and image, check the boxes.

Next step is to select a featured post. You must select a featured post from already posted articles. Like in the above example, you can see Blogger is displaying a list published articles from which I can select. If what something else, search it. Once you have set up and done, your Featured Post Widget will look something like this:

In this way, you can easily add a featured post widget in Blogger without any need of coding skills or any third party widget. Blogger has updated something after a very long time and we expect it does improve its dashboard which is years behind. 

The Delicate World of AdSense- Do’s and Don’ts

AdSense is a program run by Google that allows the Google Network publishers to support and provide advertisements in the form of texts and media to target groups to get better traffic. The advertisements follow a proper algorithm of being sorted and handled by Google and no matter how smart one might feel he is to trick AdSense into trying to make more money, there are a few do’s and don’ts every business should remember when dealing with AdSense as a marketing technique.
Here are a few Golden Rules to working with AdSense, to help you increase the cost per click:

Watch what you click
The Google algorithm is very particular about who is clicking your ads. The biggest blunder most beginners make is asking their relatives and circle of friends to click on the ads. This is a big no and will lead to a ban on your AdSense Account. Doing so would result in fraudulent clicking and can land you into pretty thick soup. The clicks should always be authentic and organic to get the best returns.

Patience is Key
Most people enter the Google AdSense arena with the mind-set that it will lead to sky rocketing returns in no time and it’s a great way to mint money. This is far from the truth. AdSense requires patience and time. You need to invest in time in order for the returns to fully materialise and you cannot have a money making attitude towards it if you want to reap the benefits of your labour, you need to have endurance.

Make use of exclusive godaddy coupons web hosting and also earn great revenue and Cashback from

Play to Your Strengths
Many a time bloggers and publishers try to publish content to fit in high ranking keywords to get better pay. However this should not be done at the cost of content quality. You should rather focus on publishing what you have good knowledge about as quality content matters more. If you have a passion for a particular topic, it’ll come more naturally to you and will engage readers better than a poorly written article on a topic you’re not well versed with. Hence don’t try to impress your audience with things you’re not keen and passionate about.

Keep Clicks Genuine
It’s important that your ads get clicks genuinely rather than you having to post on different social platforms for views. It’s a technique Google can catch after a while and it’s not a safe practice start ad click contests and try add your website to other traffic generating websites. By asking friends offline to click on your ads can help but this would not be a beneficial practice in the long run as the ads would not be targeting the right focus group.

Make use of bigrock coupons for state of the art web services and hosting facilities as well as earn cash back over and above discounts for great domain services.

Avoid Robotic Clicks
Trying to get softwares to increase clicks is again a big no and this practice too can get you banned on Google AdSense. This again is against the rules of Google if it finds out that clicks are generated using fraudulent practices. Don’t try paying for clicks either as again it would not help advertisers to get them the audience they are looking for. Just clicking on ads is not enough if call to action is not being performed and real conversions are not being realised.

Quality Content
It’s very important to maintain the quality of the content you publish. Do not try to use violent topics like terrorism, ammunition, alcohol and other controversial topics just to get viewers as this too is against the Google policy. It keeps a check on the data and keywords you use and this too is a point to keep in mind.

With these do’s and don’ts of Google AdSense, you can streamline the way you use keywords and ads to get organic and genuine traffic and by knowing what practices to avoid, you will always be on the good side of AdSense which will help you generate revenue.

How to get more comments on your blog

Do you have a blog with enough comment and you are still not seeing user interaction in the comments? Comments are a great way to read your audience mind and to build up a positive conversation that results into a genuinity of a blog/website. If you are not happy with the number of comments on your blog, perhaps you should start paying attention to it. There are some general practice/points which you can follow to get more comments on your blog. In this article, I am discussing some of the points.

Why comments are a positive things (if it is)?

The answer is simple. You must have sometimes landed on a blog and read the complete article, and then hover down to read the comments to see if what's been written is accepted/declined by the readers. Comments are the best way through which your readers share their opinions and show their respect/acceptance/denial to the words you have put in the article. In addition, comments can sometime be a motivational factor for you to work harder on your blog. People in the blogosphere do tends to praise something that clear their doubts.

How to get more comments on your blog. 

So, the question if how you can get more comments on your blog. Well, it's not in your hand. You can ask your readers directly to post a comment and I'm very much sure anyone will hardly give any attention to it. Its the way of writing and the way you ask your readers to continue the article you have written in the comments that can lead to more comments on your blog. Lets discuss the points on by one to get more comments on your blog.

1. Write an awesome article

Yes, if your reader is not satisfied with what he has just read, you won't get any comment. Even if someone writes it, there are more chances of a negative one. Do you wish to have a negative comment on your blog for which you have devoted your your time? Certainly not. So, try to ending up writing a good quality article that solves the query of your reader.

2. Ask your readers / engage with them.

You can always ask small things in your article from your readers and ask them to put their responses in the comments. Like, ending an article on smartphone review with "do you think this phone will serve your purpose", or "if you have got one, how is it performing for you". These questions lead to more comments on your blog.

3. Use a good comments system

Do not be satisfied with the Blogger's commenting system if you want more comments on your blog. Blogger has evolved a lot over the years, but the commenting system is still 100 years old. You can use intense debate / commentLuv / Disquss commenting system and there are numerous tutorials over the web that can easily guild you to integrate in your blogger blog. WordPress has got a better default commenting system along with the options I just  mentioned.

4. Create some positive controversies

People just love to contradict. Yes, you read it right. Creating a controversy over the blog will help you getting more comments. However, be sure not to over do that and have a mix opinion while putting a controversial things. Let your readers discuss and be aggressive. You mustn't yourself.

5. Reply to the comments

Be responsive to the comments you receive. This will give a positive indication to your readers that you pay attention to the comments and their voice will reach to you.

Final Words: These 5 points are the basic practices you can follow to engage your readers and to receive more comments on your blog. Do you have any other points that I missed? You got it write, I am asking you to put them in the comments. 

How to Change Blogger's Default Template.

This topic has been over written on web and still I find that many new bloggers working on Google Blogger platform don't know how to change blogger template.

In this short post, I will tell you how to change blogger template and replace the default templates with the third party templates which looks more professional and elegant.

Lets first discuss why their is a need to change blogger template. The most important reason to change blogger template is that Google Blogger Templates has not been updated for a while and the old templates have lost their relevance in today's scenario with WordPress having professional themes.

Blogger however implemented dynamic templates but almost all the bloggers avoid these dynamic templates since they do not allow javascripts and hence people cannot put up an ad and make money from blogging.

The benefit with the third party templates is that some of them are SEO friendly and AdSense ready. Some of them will give your blog a professional look and  may attract more visitors to your blog.

▌ How to change blogger template - steps. 

♦ Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template.

♦ Click on Backup / Restore on the right corner of your dashboard.

♦ A window will open. Now download a copy of template so that in case anything goes wrong, you have a back up of your blog.

♦ Browse the template with which you want replace the existing template and upload it.

♦ The template will upload and you are done.

▌ How to restore blogger template. 

To restore blogger template, you just have to follow the same process as described above.

       Personally, I feel its time for blogger to update the template section. What do you say? 


Make money online with Dailymotion video sharing.

Do you want to earn money from sharing videos without even creating them? Dailymotion gives a chance to earn money through sharing videos online on your blogs and on your social profiles like Twitter and Facebook. The more number of people watch video shared by you, the more you will earn. You do not have to create a viral video, rather you just have to share a video that has already been viral.

With YouTube, the first problem is that you yourself has to create the videos and bring traffic to it. It is really difficult to create a video that receives a hell lot of views and earn you some money. With Dailymotion you have to pick up a video from their collection and share it on your blog / Facebook / Twitter and earn money.

Another problem with YouTube is that you need a valid AdSense account to monetize your videos. You have to work very hard for an approval and there always remain a chance of being banned due to some fraud clicks or illegal activity which violates there terms and services.

So, how can you make money with Dailymotion by sharing videos? 

Earn money sharing videos

Sign up for a Dailymotion publisher account.

During sign-up, they will ask for your blog's address. Now, this is the only precondition they have. You must have a blog running.

You will be given a syndication key. Each time you will embed any daily motion video on your blog or share any video on your Facebook or Twitter account with your syndication key included, you will earn. 

When you will browse videos and select the appropriate video that you want to share or embed in your blog:

The Embed code and the social sharing code includes your syndication key. Now share it and earn revenue when someone watches it.

How it works.

How can you earn money by sharing videos? When you share any video, an ad is displayed in-between the video or before the video starts. You will earn a percent share of these ads. The syndication key is necessary since it is responsible for tracking the videos and ads and so, revenue.

Have you ever thought you can earn money by sharing videos? Here's an option. Go try it and share your experience in the comments. 

Adversal Publisher Network Site Requirements and Review

Adversal is one of the leading advertising network in the market with good CPM rates. It is a CPM network that pays on Cost per Impressions rather than clicks or sales. Adversal has been the choice for a large number of webmasters and the only reason is that it's easy to use dashboard and high cpm rates.

The biggest problem with any CPM advertising networks is the low CPM rates they offer. However, with Adversal you can hope to get a reasonable rate.


Multiple ad units - They have a wide variety ad formats available.

100% fill rates - With 100% fill rates, you will always be sure to earn from each visits. Many of the CPM networks offers good CPM rates, however they have very poor fill rates.

Minimum payout is low - There minimum payout is 20$, quite easy to reach.

Payout terms - They pay on Net-35 basis and have PayPal, Bank Wire or check as payment options.

Affiliate programs - They also have an affiliate program where you will earn 10% of whatever people joining under your affiliate link earn.

Minimum Site Requirements for Publisher

Blog must be complete and running for a month.

Original and high quality content.

No adult contents.

Spam websites are not accepted.

Must not be a part of Paid-to-surf or click programs.

Sites that supports image hosting, file upload services, URL shortening services, proxy websites, a toolbar or plugin are not allowed.

Site must not contain excessive advertising.

Legally questionable websites are not accepted like hacking/cracking blogs, excessive vulgar language websites, weapons related blogs and sites, illegal pirated contents etc.

Blog must meet a traffic requirement of minimum 50,000 page views / month.

How to join

You can join Adversal publisher network here.

I have been rejected. What to do know? 

If you are rejected by Adversal Publisher Network, you will receive a mail and the reason as to why your application is rejected. Improve your blog accordingly and re-apply after a month. They allow re-submission after 30days.

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Final Words: Getting accepted is tough for Adversal Publisher Network with a minimum of 50,000 page views / month. However, once accepted its quite possible to earn a good amount of money with them with 100% fill rates.


Google AdSense alternative - Technorati Media Review

Technorati Media is one of the largest social media advertising networks and are operating since 2008. They offer advertisements in the form of CPM ads. They accepts websites with original content, high quality design and a good amount of traffic. CPM advertisements has been a great source of income for blogs with good amount of traffic since publishers generate revenue for each impression rather than any clicks or sales generate. Hence, every visitors counts in your earnings. In this post, I am going to review Technorati Media - a CPM advertising network, a great way to make money from your blog.

Minimum Requirements for Technorati Media

Technorati Media do not have any specific minimum site's requirement for approval. However, they need websites with original content, quality design, and a good amount of traffic. The websites must be in English and do not accepts websites that include or promote pornographic content, gambling, illegal download sites, torrents sites, hacking content, terrorism or illegal materials.

Ad units supported

Technorati Media supports a wide variety of ad units - this includes Skyscraper (160x600), Medium Rectangle (300x250) and leaderboard (728x90). They offer some non-traditional ad units like Half Page (300x600), Portrait (300x1050), Pushdown (954x250), Billboard (970x250) and  Marquee (606x300). They have some other custom ad units which you can find in their dashboard.

Is Technorati Media accepts all country traffic? 

Technorati media primarily offers services for US and UK traffic. All other traffic may see only non-payment ads usually called Performance Enhancements ads. So, if you have a good amount of traffic from these two countries, you are going to make a good amount of money from Technorati Media.

How to join Technorati Media?
You can  Sign Up for Technorati Media here.

Verify your account through account activation email.

You will soon receive an approval or denial mail from them.

After your blog is approved, you need to fill up Company profile, Tax information and Website information.

Technorati Media will review all these information and will notify you to create ad tags when everything is ready.

Create your ad tags and implement it in your site. Ads will start showing up within 3 hours of implementation.

Other Information

Technorati Media asks you to place half of the ad units above the fold. If you want to place 4 ad units all over, two of them must be above the fold.

The ads can only be implemented to those websites which are exclusively approved.

Their reporting system is very effective counting every impressions.

To block any ads, you have to contact them personally.

Even though your website was disapproved, you have signed up for technorati media and you can anytime submit another websites.

If you would like to submit the disapproved websites, you can mail them with sufficient reason. These reason may include increase in traffic and quality contents.

Payment Information.

Net 60 days payment. Technorati Media pays on the basis of net 60 days. This is one of the downside of technorati Media since, if you reach the minimum threshold in January, it will be processed on March 31, and you will recei

ve you payment in April.

Minimum Payout for Technorati Media is 50$.

Technorati Media pays via Check and PayPal.

If you are a US resident, you will receive your check within 15days. For international publishers, it will arrive within 30 days.

Final Words: Have you worked with Technorati Media? What's your review with them? How much CPM they paid you for your traffic? We would love to know in comments.

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