Pinterest can drive you huge traffic [with statistics]

Social Media has become a part of our life. Spending a day or two without logging to Facebook / Twitter is almost impossible now a days. The initial idea of using Social Media to remain in touch with loved ones now has been extended to almost everything from news and updates, marketing, display of one's talent over the web, breaking news, shopping hub and much more. If you own a blog / website / business, you must be aware how important it is these days to have a social media profile and how much it can contribute to your profit.

Amidst the big giants like Facebook , Google+ and Twitter, the online marketers tends to ignore the others. Pinterest is one such platform which we do not care much but let me tell you, if you have some niche specific products / blogs, Pinterest can drive huge traffic to your blog. I have tried Pinterest to drive some traffic to my blog and it has given me some good results.

Before I present you the stats, let me tell you what you need and how to promote your blog there. Pinterest is a platform where you PIN an image to your boards and the board's followers can see it, like it, send to a person or to a mail id and pin it again to their own boards. Now, what's important here is Pinterest gives you an option to pin an image from your blog post's URL, and when someone clicks on that image, he is redirected to the website. This is a traffic for you. Since the majority of Pinterest users are tier 1 countries, you can convert this traffic in some good dollars.

Pinterest niche is somewhat specific to Quotes, Pet lovers, Female products etc. and most of the user base of females. So, if you have something that is very much technical (that Linux kinda thing), it's not the right place. I had a blog for Quotes and that's why Pinterest brought me some good traffic. Here's the traffic stats which I receive after a month of promotion over Pinterest. 

This is of course Blogger's dashboard. This is some nice traffic from Pinterest. 

So what's need to be done if you have the right content/product for Pinterest users? Here's some points which you can keep in mind and will help you in getting loyal followers and traffics. 

1. Build your follower list - This can be done by putting a Pinterest board to your blog and asking your blog's visitors to follow you there. Another always working method is to follow the right people and they will follow you back. Now, how would you decide the right people? As I told you, I have a blog on Quotes, so I searched for quotes and followed those people who shared / pinned the quotes recently. These were the active people on that day and since they were sharing quotes, they love it. 

2. Create boards - Create specific boards related to what you are promoting. Pin things on there, and you will soon start receiving requests to share on other boards. Accept those requests and utilize those boards to share your blog through pins. 

3. Never forget to upload pins through your website and not as a direct upload. And while uploading, there is a place to add some text for that particular image. Keep that part exciting with a link to your blog at the end. 


Pinterest is not so complicated and do not have any feeds algorithms in particular, so working on these 3 points is in itself sufficient and you will in a week start seeing traffic to your blog from Pinterest. 

If you are already using Pinterest and want to add something, feel free to add it in the comment section. Thanks!

Biggest Content Marketing Challenges You Will Face.

Content marketing is the art of creating and marketing any form of content in order to gain customers. Content can be either in form of Video, text format, Infographics, or ebooks etc. However, while creating and marketing contents, you will face many problems and in this very article I am going to discuss the major problems which you may face while producing engaging contents and marketing it to the right audience.

Content Marketing Challenges.

Content Marketing challenges.
Content Marketing challenges.

Producing quality contents.
The biggest problem you will face is the production of quality content for your readers. Everything is already written on Google and you will find that re-producing content such that your readers find it more engaging and beneficial than already produced content is a tough job. You will run out of contents and sometimes you will end up writing something which do not prove any relevance to the idea with which you started writing.

Writing regularly.
You will find pro bloggers suggesting you to write about the niche which interests you most. The main reason is that you will not run out of contents and you can produce contents regularly. It is very much important to give your readers something new every time he/she visits your blog. Its equally important to produce quality content and on daily basis. Even the search engines gives a higher ranking to the blogs which are updated regularly.

Producing unique content.
Producing unique content is as important as the above two factors. Rewriting the same old stuffs that has been written a thousand times is not going to help. Why should anyone read you when they can find the same stuff on blogs that have written it 4 years ago? You have to go unique by providing Infographics, stats and charts. You may share real time experience and you may have to do market research before creating unique content.

Getting targeted traffic.
If marketing is not done keeping in mind the niche of your blog, you will end up targeting wrong audience and it is not going to help much. Not only you have to write unique and quality contents, you have to reach to the right readers. Sharing an article in a Facebook book lover group may get you traffic for a "seo" post, but it surely is not going to increase the number of loyal readers.

Social Media Influence.
Peoples who are in pro-blogger lists have huge followings on social media like Facebook, Google+, Linkedin and Twitter. You have to increase your social media influence and have to connect to people with your niche and interests. It may take most of your time setting up accounts on these social media and finding the right people to connect with. But once done, they are going to be valuable to you. You cannot ignore the number of active peoples on these social media and the amount of engagements they generate. Although its true that social media traffic is momentarily and you need to be active always to drive potential readers to your blog, you can increase your readership and the chance of going viral is increased.

Build yourself as a brand.
People follow brands. If you are a name in your niche, people will remember your blog and will always visit you for new contents. They won't need a link on any social media to visit you. You can build yourself as a brand by working on all the four above factors. Producing high quality and unique contents and sharing it to right audience is the key. Improving your social media influence and connecting with people on different media will improve your branding.

My opinion. As I said, Content marketing challenges is not limited to producing quality and unique content but reaching to right audience is necessary too. It can only be achieved by engaging on social media and spending a portion of your marketing strategic time on them. So, go on, write some unique and quality contents, connect with the right audience on social media and overcome these content marketing challenges.

I missed something? Please correct me if I am wrong or I missed something in the comment section. 

Top 7 ways to drive more traffic to your blog

Driving traffic to your blog is never easy. Most people find it frustrating to search readers and increase the volume of impressions and page views for the articles they write. This frustration is double folded when they discover that the earnings from blog is directly related to amount of traffic they receive.

Driving traffic to your blog
Driving traffic to your blog
Frankly speaking, driving traffic to your blog is not an instant process. You have to work step by step and it will take some time before you start noticing some traffic that may earn you some money too.

In this article, I am going to discuss some of the steps that may on larger time scale bring traffic to your blog.

More content. The more you update your blog, the more traffic you will get. Give your readers something new to read each time they visit your blog. Updating your blog once a day if you are in an initial stage of blogging is a great way of driving traffic to your blog.

Great titles. The title is the first thing that gets noticed. A great title has great impact in attracting readerships. Its the gate to the pool of content you are hosting on your blog. Writing great titles has no rules but as you will write and analyze your traffic, you will start discovering the pattern that drive more traffic to your articles.

Social Media Marketing. You may use social media sites like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter to drive more traffic to your blog. You may join groups and communities and increase your reach on these medias. Social Media provides a perfect platform to market your content in case you have no or little idea about search engine traffic and has content that is more viral in nature.

Search Engine Optimization. Its the combination of On-Page and Off-Page optimization techniques that increase your visibility in search engines. Search Engine Optimization practices helps in ranking higher in search results and eventually driving more traffic to your blog.


Make your content sharable. Let say someone liked your article and they don't know what to do next. A Facebook share button or a re-tweet option may give your article more exposure. Add options that facilitate sharing of your content on different social media. AddThis provides great sharing buttons for your blog.

Include graphical content. Including images in your articles improves your content quality and boost readerships. There are various sites that offer free image for your blog with the condition of attribution.

Engage with your readers. At times, you will receive comments on your articles on your blog and on social media like Facebook and Google+. You may use this opportunity to build a relationship with your readers. Someone who have talked with you somewhere on any social media will remember you and will show more interest in your articles the next time you share something.

Final Words: These 7 ways to drive more traffic to your blog will take time and eventually setup your blog as a brand.

Do I missed something? Waiting for your comments.


How to build your Email subscriber list and why.

Email marketing is a direct marketing service in which you use emails to market your contents, product or services or to engage with your audience. It can be used to distribute contents, market your blogs or promote sales through affiliate marketing.

Growing up an email list is one of the hardest thing in your blogging campaign and in this post, I am going to discuss the importance of building one such subscriber list and the steps that may help you.

Why you need to build an email list

The basic reason for developing an email list is the fact that it is direct-to-people service. Email will get delivered to the people who are in your subscriber list and will remain in their mail box unless deleted by them. To better understand - Compare the number of times you click on a link posted on a Facebook page you are following to that of a mail you have received. 

The second important reason is that your email list is highly targeted. People who subscribe to your blog must be (highly) interested in your content and hence gave you the permission to deliver your content directly to them.

How to build a successful email list

Redirect your readers to the sign up  page.
When a user reacts to your contents through either a comment or a contact form, you can always redirect them to a custom landing page asking them to register to your blog to receive all your contents.

Give something valuable for free.
You can always attract people to subscribe to your email list by offering them something free like an ebook, free promotion for their blog for a day to your readers, a backlink on your blog or any services like providing a free optimization solution to the subscriber.
You may even organize giveaways where participators need to subscribe to your email list before participation. 

Placing a banner on your blog.
A right sidebar 300x250 banner will do the job. You may go to pop-ups that asks exclusively to respond to the subscribing option. Various studies has proven that the chances of your readers subscribing to your blog is 3 times through a pop-up as compared to a banner placed anywhere on your blog. However, some people find these subscribing pop-ups a bit frustrating and you may lose some readers on your way. The trade off has to be made.
Make your sign-up form more obvious. People don't look for the sign-up form in blogs.  

Offer your readers valuable contents.
If your readers find something valuable and rich-quality content, they will subscribe to your blog to receive all of your contents in future. Offering high quality content is the best way you can attract your people to subscribe.

Convert your social subscribers to an email list.
You can convert your social media followers to subscribe to your email list by asking them exclusively. Chances are that people following you are already aware of your blog and are regular readers. These people will surely won't mind to receive the content they are looking for in their mail boxes. You can promote your sign-up form on social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter making a generous request to subscribe to your blog so that the content is delivered right into their mail box.

Getting an email marketing software.

There are various email marketing software available in the marketing with different pricing plans. 


They are the best in the market. They have an effective, affordable email marketing service. The main features include over 600 ready-to-use templates that makes it easy to create professional looking emails. They have a great email delivery system and you can use autoresponder service to deliver a sequence of messages automatically. They have great signup forms too.

Aweber Email Marketing Service
Aweber Email Marketing Service
The best part is they have a service called RSS to email that turns your latest blog posts into an email newsletter and will send it to all the subscribers.

Pricing: $1 for the first month. $19 per month for following months for less than 500 subscribers. For more than 500 subscribers, these are the rates: 

501-2500 subscribers - $29.
2501-5000 subscribers - $49
5001-10,000 subscribers - $69
10,001-25000 subscribers - $149


With MailChimp, you can send targeted messages to your subscribers. You can pick a predesigned template or use the email designer to create beautiful, mobile friendly newsletters.

MailChimp is preferred by most of the small bloggers due to the fact that it offers a free service for less than 2000 subscribers. You can send at most 12,000 emails per month for free forever. 

MailChimp Email Marketing Service
MailChimp Email Marketing Service
For 0-500 subscribers with unlimited mails per month, you need to pay $10. The other pricing offer includes: 

501-1000 subscribers -  $15.
1001-1050 subscribers - $20

You can purchase email credits to send additional emails. For more details you can visit their pricing options on the website:

Other services: There are many other email marketing services like GetResponse. You can select according to your preferences and your budget.

At Last: Building an email subscriber list is as important as building your traffic. Email subscribers are much more targeted and are of high quality than the followers you will have on any social media sites. Start working on building a subscriber list and engaging directly with your followers. 


Top 5 On-page Search Engine Optimization techniques.

On-page optimization is basically the steps taken on the page itself to boost your search engine ranking results. Proper uses of keywords, optimizing titles, URLs and meta tags and internal linking are some of the on-page optimization techniques that may enhance your search engine ranking. Lets discuss them in details.
keywords inclusion, blogger help
Include keywords in posts and titles.

Keyword Inclusion

Putting the correct keywords in your site's content is the basic mantra for on-site optimization. The practice of embedding keywords and phrases into your content such that it looks natural to the reader and don't give an impression of over-done (called 'keyword stuffing') is the best way of doing it. However, the content should be written for the readers and not for the Search Engines.The best practice is to write the complete post and then editing it accordingly to include the keywords.

Include your keyword in title and subtitle

Titles and sub-titles plays important role in enhancing your search engine ranking. Include keywords in your title and sub heading tags. Do not include your keyword more than once in your titles since it may look spam. Keep your titles short and up to the point. Don't just make it too long for the shake of fitting your keywords. Title should include your best keywords for which you wanna rank higher.

Include Keyword in the URL

The webpage's URL is one of the best way of optimizing your site. Keeping a short descriptive URL with a few keywords can give you some ranking upgrades. Try to make you URL descriptive so that the readers can guess the content on reading the URL only.

The second URL clearly is describing the content you will find in that article. Moreover, you can put your best keyword in URLs.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is the best way to promoting your reader to other pages of your blogs. It ensures a better pages/visit and decreases your bounce rate. You try to keep indulging your reader by internal linking your post with other posts that somehow share the same label or are of the same category. The best way is providing a link to other post that is related to the current posts in between two paragraphs and at the end of the article. Internally link your content so that user has the access to the other part of the site related to what he is reading. However, linking should be done only when the contents are relevant.

Meta - tags

The meta-tags are much like summary of the complete posts that are read by the search engines but are not displayed. Usually webmasters put their best keywords in meta tags along with a short description of the complete article. Google shows this meta tag in search engine results for a search and keeping it precise and compact and putting some keywords is the best practice. 

Do you know any other method to enhance your on-page content? Let us know in the comments.

Keyword Research Basics for Bloggers.

Searching something on Google? Do you ever go to 10th page of the search result? Nor did I. Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your blog/sites according to these search engines in order to rank higher in the search results. Ranking on 1st page of the Google is the ultimate goal of any blogger and so is mine. SEO is not a "precisely" defined area. Its just that people have discovered some the basic ways of improving search engine ranking.

Keywords plays an important role in building your seo. It is rightly said as backbone of search engine optimization.

Keywords are the the words or phrase that a person searches. It is important for you to know that which keywords are more important and are searched more. Using a keyword research tool such as Google Adword Tool is a better way of finding the best keyword.

Some basic keyword selection practices.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords means that you include some extra words in your keyword in order to make it more specific and targeted.

keyword density diagram
Your target in terms of competition and length of keyword.
Lets understand this through an example.

If you select "blogging" as your keyword, you are basically trying to compete with thousands of "well organized highly ranked" blogs and sites on internet. Some of them are years old and even have hired seo professionals to manage. Why so? Coz "blogging" is so common word. Instead using "blogging as a career", "making money from blogging" have less competition and your chances of getting on first page is at least there. Moreover, people now no more search a word. They prefer searching for phrases.

Less Competition, More searches

Give preference in selecting phrases which have not very high searches. If its searched millions times a day, most probably half of the blogger world already knows about it, and most likely is working on it.

Try choosing a keyword with less competition and more monthly searches. Sometimes you will have to trade of between these two.

Balancing between these two is necessary. You will never desire to rank on 1st page of Google for a keyword that is searched 5 times a month. Do you?

Use multiple keywords in a blog post

money from blogging
"Make money from blogging"- variations.
Its a good idea to use concentrate on more than one keyword phrase in your article. Do not just stick to one particular keyword. Use a slight variation of the main keyword all along the post.

Keyword Density

Stick to a 2-3% rule. That means you put 2 times your keyword every 100 words. There is no fixed defined rule but this is considered to be ideal. Keyword stuffing can lead to your site going down in search engine results as Google has algorithms for detecting it and they penalize blogs written solely for the search engines. 

Put your keyword in your URL In your article's title, in the beginning and ending paragraph, and in between the other paragraphs. Do not OVERDO it.  

What do you prefer? 

1. Ranking on 1st page for keyword that is searched 100times a day,
2. Ranking on somewhere like 21st page of Google for a keyword that is searched 10,000 a day??

I would go for the first option.

You should set up Google Analytics for your blog and always give a watch to the search terms. These terms can prove to be much helpful in deciding your keywords for your upcoming posts.

Top 3 Link Building Strategies in 2016

Link building is strategy of distributing links of your blog all over the web. The more links you put up, the more is the chances of getting discovered. Although Google's algorithm take serious actions against some of the link building strategies like paid-link building campaign, there are still some of the conventional and effective ways to boost your link-building strategy. Lets discuss them.

Write Guest Post

Guest posting is perhaps the most conventional and useful ways of link building. You write a decent article for a blog that has a good number of visitors and in response to that, you get some links pointing back to your blog. Most of the blogs offer guest posting on their blog.

Guest posting: best way of link building
You may think that after investing your time in writing a quality article, whats the point of publishing it on someone's else blog rather than yourself? The catch is that each blog has its own reader base and followers and by writing for them, you are just increasing your reader base for your blog. Anybody going through the guest posted article may think of jumping to your blog if they really like the article. Not only you get a visitor from another source, but these visitors will remain attached to your blog if they really find useful contents over your blog. Also, it has the SEO benefits.


There are blogs always better in traffic than yours. Comment on them. Leave a link in comments to your blog. Its better if you find blogs with commentLuv enabled. This plugin will ask for your website and will display your latest post along with your comment.

However, do not comment for the sake of links. Read the complete article and try to be as natural as possible while putting up a comment. Try to get in a conversation either with the writer of the post or with other people who have commented. Bloggers hate comments like "nice post", "great article" etc. Instead, write a meaningful comment related to the post and that's only possible if you go through the article. And Its never bad to read.

Answer questions

Join forums and answer people's queries to the best of your knowledge and don't forget to put your signature at the last of your reply. Don't forget to attach links to the blog in your bio.

Join Yahoo Answers. The best part is that whenever you replay to a question there, the user gets notified through email. That means you are dropping a link of your blog in someone's email. Moreover, Yahoo questions answers are search engine optimized and other people searching for the same problem will get to that question and you have another chance of a visitors.

There are other sites too where you can leave your links in this way., and if you haev a technology blog, some other sites like stackoverflow will help you.

Each link counts. Each visitor counts. The day you start getting 100 visitors from comments and guest posts and an additional 100 from sites like yahoo answers, quora, and stackoverflow, you will start feeling great. :)

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26/06/2013 22:26
Pacific Standard Time

Top 3 Ways to Make Money from Blogging

If you want to earn millions in the first month then perhaps blogging is not for you. Before going into the details of top ways of making money from blogging, let me tell you its gonna take time and a lot of hard work. Majority of bloggers quit as they want to see money in their account in the first week of their blogging or they don't have the patience to deal with the competition in the blogging market. If you are either lacking patience or time, blogging is may not be for you. 

Now, since you are here, I may imagine that you are willing to put a lots of efforts and cash the time you are putting in blogging. So here are the top 3 ways to earn from a blog. 


Most of the small-medium level bloggers depend solely on AdSense for their earning. AdSense is a contextual advertising service from Google that pays you on CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per Mile) basis. Once you have a working blog with sufficient contents and with a good traffic, you can apply to AdSense. Depending on different requirements, they will approve you and give you a javascript code to implement on your blog. That's it. The rest they will maintain. Now every time a visitor clicks on your ads, you will be paid. If a CPM ad is shown on your blog, you will get paid on impressions. So, if you are a small publisher with good contents and 1000 pageview/day, AdSense is for you. 

Google Adsense
AdSense network
You can join AdSense at Google AdSense

Other CPC / CPM advertising service you may opt for are


Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you provide a space on your blog for a product and if somebody purchases from your link, a commission is paid to you ranging from 6-15% of the Cost price. Now this may seem to you a small percentage however, consider the fact that if some one buys an apple laptop costing Rs. 60000, with an average of 10% commission, you will earn Rs. 6000. Isn't that big with just one sell? 

Moreover, there is no particular need of dependence on clicks and the varying quality of traffic. You just have to worry about the sales. The more you sell, the more you earn. However, for more sells, you need a tons of traffic. So, this type of earning from blog is not suitable for at least small bloggers. 

amazon products and affliate marketing
Amazon affiliate program
Some affiliate services you may consider are 


Direct Selling Ad Spaces

In direct selling, you sell space on your blog to advertisers and earn from the ads you display. The major advantage of direct selling ad spaces on your blog is that you have complete control on deciding the cost of the advertisement and you earn the complete money unlike AdSense where Google only pays about 70% of the total revenue generated from your blog. However, the limiting thing is that advertisers searches blogs with very high traffic to put ads on and personally they may review your complete blog before contacting you.

If you don't want to get into this complication of managing and handling clients, you can join networks that provide a bridge between the seller and buyer. They charge a fee for that, but the benefit is you still have the choice of deciding the minimum cost for the advertising space you sell on your blog. 

One such network that acts as an interface between you and advertisers is 

How are you making money?

Confused of deciding which is the best way to earn? If you don't have a huge traffic ~30k/per month, direct selling ad spaces may not work for you. If you are new to the blogging with a good amount of contents go for AdSense. Work with them. They are the best in the market. When your traffic will rise accordingly try the other two methods of earning from the blog and make the most of it. Also, how are you making money? Share in the comments.

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Make money from Chitika - CPM analysis.

Chitika provides a combination of CPC, CPM and CPA ads and you are paid accordingly. However, I personally wanted to earn only through the CPM advertising since the clicks these adverts generated on my blog was not so considerable due to my blog niche. So, I asked chitika about how I can limit the ads to only pay-per-impression rather than the combination of all these ads and they told me how-to do it. You have to send a minimum of thousand impressions before they will start showing pay per impressions ads on your blog. They will till then analyze your blog for proper categories and the traffic quality.


Make money from Chitika - on CPM basis.

The rich media ads served from Chitika on your blog pays on impression basis. By default, Chitika shows a combination of the normal ads + rich media ads depending upon the availability and according to their some sort of algorithm. The good part is you can limit the ads displayed on your blog to only "rich media ads" show that each time an ad is shown, you are paid.

Enable Rich Media Ads

Navigate to Ads > Settings.

You will find that "Rich Media Ads" are by default preferred as Mixed. Change it to Always and save.

From now onwards, only CPM ads will be displayed on your blog. 

Important points regarding Rich Media Text. 

1. The fill rate may not be 100%. You might see some of your impressions counting out without any ads. However, gradually you will see a better fill rate.
2. Chitika will ask you to send a minimum of thousand raw impressions before they can server the Rich Media Ads on your blog. So you won't earn for the first thousand impressions.
3. Switching to only Rich Media Ads is not advisable if you have low traffic. Making money from CPM ads require a good amount of traffic.
4. If your blog is engaging and adverts receives good click through rate, then perhaps you should not switch.

Final Words: Do you use any money making CPM advertising networks? With Chitika, the rates are somewhat between $ 0.10 - 0. 18 per thousand impressions. How much your advertising network paying to you.

How to drive [huge] traffic through Disqus Comment System

Lately these days, most of the blogs have shifted to Disqus comment system from the conventional or CommentLuv. Disqus commenting system is very efficient in handling conversational comments and is free from spamming. The person has to login through Google, Facebook or enter his details before being able to comment. So, any blog owner only wishing healthy and non-spammy comments are going for Disqus these days. 

For one of my blog, I was trying some comments over various websites/blogs and found that almost all were having Disqus and in the process, also noticed that Disqus can drive huge traffic to your blog if used correctly. So, in this article I will show you how to drive huge traffic through Disqus Comment System to your blog. 

First thing which you want to do is make a list of the blogs that are famous and have Disqus comment system. It's better to choose highly popular websites rather than an average one. If you are going for it, go for big. 

Next, once you have compiled the list in the process of driving traffic to your blog through Disqus Comment System, find articles on that blog that are recent and is somewhat related to article which you want to promote. 

Now, Disqus Comment system allows you to put links in it through anchor tag. Write a short about 100 words comment in such a way that linking your blog in it through the anchor tag looks natural. Once done, submit the comment, and you are done. 

Important things to remember while commenting

  • In process of driving traffic to your blog through Disqus comment system, you must follow some of the commenting etiquette.

  • Make sure you comment at the earliest on any post. Try to be the first one to comment. Being the first one will bring much more traffic than ending up later in the list. However, if you missed it do not worry, these blogs are highly engaging and will still drive traffic to your blog. 

  • Be genuine. Do not comment just for the sake of a back link or traffic. For each Disqus comment, the blog owner receives a notification and there are high chances he notices the link. So, be contextual and yes, be genuine. 

  • Anchor tags can be used in this way.

      <a href="link">Anchor tag</a>

  • Choose only very high traffic sites, and prefer news sites. Stick to your niche. 

Some websites requires moderation. If you are commenting in a contextual way, there are very low chances of your comment being deleted. So, don't worry. 

And the last thing, do not forget to upvote your own comment. Also, if you maintain more than one Disqus account, up vote from the other one too. You can even ask your friends to do the same. It will keep you on top in the discussion. 

Here's a screenshot of a day of traffic to one of my niche blog, where I just commented on 3-4 blogs of my niche.

You can drive huge traffic to your blog if you do it right and for long. There is a huge potential in using Disqus Comment System to reach to readers. Also, the traffic coming through it is highly targeted. 

Next, your words. What do you think, will it work for you? Give it a try, return back here and tell me yes, it worked.

Note: I didn't see any SEO benefit by building backlinks through Disqus. So, use it for the purpose of driving traffic only.

How to add Featured Post Widget in Blogger

If you have this tendency of updating your blog very frequently, you might have this problem that some of the best articles which brings you traffic slips into archives and your readers visiting your homepage have to reach to Page 10 in order to see it. So, is their any way to keep some of your articles on the homepage for permanent? 

Yes. Blogger has finally introduced Featured Post gadgets, where you can choose posts you have shared on your blog and highlight them on the homepage. 

How to add Featured Post Widget in Blogger

In order to add featured post widget in Blogger, visit the Dashboard > Layout > Add a Gadget.

You will see a "Featured Post" widget. Click on the + sign in front of it. You will see the various options for Featured post. 

It will ask the Gadget Title, by default it is Featured post. If you want to show the post title and image, check the boxes.

Next step is to select a featured post. You must select a featured post from already posted articles. Like in the above example, you can see Blogger is displaying a list published articles from which I can select. If what something else, search it. Once you have set up and done, your Featured Post Widget will look something like this:

In this way, you can easily add a featured post widget in Blogger without any need of coding skills or any third party widget. Blogger has updated something after a very long time and we expect it does improve its dashboard which is years behind.