3 Ways to Increase traffic to your Blog.

So you are a new blogger and finding it difficult to Increase traffic to your blog, that's why you are here. But before going into the details of driving traffic, let me confirm you that there are no shortcuts to it and you will have to work hard and spend time in order to achieve a good number of daily visitors.

▌ Post Quality content on a regular basis. 

Not only posting quality and unique content on your blog is important but you must also post it on a regular basis. Give your readers something new to read.Content is the king and always will be.

Remember these two facts while creating a post:

♦ The ultimate goal of a visitor is to get information. If you are poor at your content side, don't expect him to return to your blog again.

content is the king.logo.
Unique and Quality content.

♦ The Internet was born long ago, and it is already over-written on almost every topic. The real challenge lies in being unique and giving your readers something different from others while maintaining the relevance to the context.

▌  Search Engine Optimization. 

Search Engine Optimization is the backbone of a small-medium blogs. Spend time on keywords research and inclusion of these keywords in your post, titles and meta description. Go for a balanced on page and off page site optimization techniques.
Read more here Top 5 On page Search Engine Optimization techniques. 

Practice organic and non-paid link building strategies by guest posting, commenting on blogs with higher rankings, joining forums and participating in discussions.
You can read more on link building here. Top 3 Link Building strategy in 2013.

Do not forget to submit your blog to Search Engines. Submit a sitemap of your blog to Google through webmaster tool and to other search engines like Yahoo, Bing. Submitting you sitemap ensures faster indexing in search engines.

Set up an authorship.

▌ Social Media presence. 

Social media has emerged as a powerful tool for marketing. Number of Facebook users have reached beyond 1 billion and you simply can't ignore it. Join Facebook, Google Plus, Linked In, Twitter and other social media. Create pages, join groups and build an audience. Interact with other bloggers of your niche on social media. If used consistently, Social Media can be a great way to Increase Traffic to your blog.

Some of the social media you must join are:
Google Plus.

Some other comparative smaller social bookmarking websites you may consider are:

If you are an experienced blogger reading this post on Ways to Increase Traffic to your blog, Do share you opinions and views and your best medium of getting traffic.


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