How do I make Money from Blogging?

Much of the people before even posting articles on their blogs, searches the answer for the question, How do I make money from Blogging?. The answer is by hard word. Blogging is not a get rich in in minutes program. Its gonna take time and your degree of hard work will ultimately decide your earnings. I am not going to discuss the different methods of earning that you can opt for, I have an article on that already Top 3 Ways to Make Money from Blogging. Rather, I am gonna list 3 things which are the basic requirements for generating income from blog. Making money from Blogging involves 3 things. Lets discuss them one-by-one.

▌ Content is the King.

If you are in blogging for sometime, you must have heard the phrase, Content is the king. Quality and uniqueness of your content decides if the people reading your post will return back to your blog again in future or not. No matter how good you design a blog, the visitor will ultimately read the "words" written in your posts. While writing an article, use easier-to-understand language. Create unique and quality contents and keep the length of a post to the average. Update your blog frequently and stay related to your niche. Remember the fact that everything has already been written on internet, its the way of presentation that makes you different from others. Offer your visitors something that is unique to your blog and is difficult to find anywhere else.

▌ Traffic.

The more visitors you have, the more chances of earning. For a pay-per-click program, say if you get a click per 100 visitors, it somehow loosely corresponds to the fact that if you double your traffic, you will generate double the clicks and hence, double the earning. Traffic is the backbone of any blog. Now to generate traffic, join social networks like Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc. These are some social networking sites which if used in a managed way can generate huge traffic to your blog and huge traffic means huge earning.

Traffic to your blog.

▌ Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the listing of articles/posts/pages in search engine results. Social Media traffic has some limitations. They need constant active participation and requires some time to build up an audience. Now people across the world heads for a search engine for any information they need. So, by taking some SEO steps, you ensures continuous flow of traffic from search engine to your blog. Neglecting SEO practices means that you are losing a substantial amount of traffic and hence an equally substantial amount of earnings.

The more traffic you get, the more you will earn. You will get great traffic if you have great contents. You need to connect to people on social media and optimize your blog for search engine. All these 3 points are too closely related. You may say that the answer to you question "How do I make money from blogging" lies in a box which has 3 elements, quality content, traffic, and search engine optimization. Happy blogging.


ambarish kumar

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  1. Yes, not only in blogging world, but in any endeavor in life, beauty (presentation) may be the queen, but content is king!

    1. Exactly Brajadulal. Content is, and will always be the king.