Top 3 Link Building Strategies in 2016

Link building is strategy of distributing links of your blog all over the web. The more links you put up, the more is the chances of getting discovered. Although Google's algorithm take serious actions against some of the link building strategies like paid-link building campaign, there are still some of the conventional and effective ways to boost your link-building strategy. Lets discuss them.

Write Guest Post

Guest posting is perhaps the most conventional and useful ways of link building. You write a decent article for a blog that has a good number of visitors and in response to that, you get some links pointing back to your blog. Most of the blogs offer guest posting on their blog.

Guest posting: best way of link building
You may think that after investing your time in writing a quality article, whats the point of publishing it on someone's else blog rather than yourself? The catch is that each blog has its own reader base and followers and by writing for them, you are just increasing your reader base for your blog. Anybody going through the guest posted article may think of jumping to your blog if they really like the article. Not only you get a visitor from another source, but these visitors will remain attached to your blog if they really find useful contents over your blog. Also, it has the SEO benefits.


There are blogs always better in traffic than yours. Comment on them. Leave a link in comments to your blog. Its better if you find blogs with commentLuv enabled. This plugin will ask for your website and will display your latest post along with your comment.

However, do not comment for the sake of links. Read the complete article and try to be as natural as possible while putting up a comment. Try to get in a conversation either with the writer of the post or with other people who have commented. Bloggers hate comments like "nice post", "great article" etc. Instead, write a meaningful comment related to the post and that's only possible if you go through the article. And Its never bad to read.

Answer questions

Join forums and answer people's queries to the best of your knowledge and don't forget to put your signature at the last of your reply. Don't forget to attach links to the blog in your bio.

Join Yahoo Answers. The best part is that whenever you replay to a question there, the user gets notified through email. That means you are dropping a link of your blog in someone's email. Moreover, Yahoo questions answers are search engine optimized and other people searching for the same problem will get to that question and you have another chance of a visitors.

There are other sites too where you can leave your links in this way., and if you haev a technology blog, some other sites like stackoverflow will help you.

Each link counts. Each visitor counts. The day you start getting 100 visitors from comments and guest posts and an additional 100 from sites like yahoo answers, quora, and stackoverflow, you will start feeling great. :)

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26/06/2013 22:26
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