Top 3 Ways to Make Money from Blogging

If you want to earn millions in the first month then perhaps blogging is not for you. Before going into the details of top ways of making money from blogging, let me tell you its gonna take time and a lot of hard work. Majority of bloggers quit as they want to see money in their account in the first week of their blogging or they don't have the patience to deal with the competition in the blogging market. If you are either lacking patience or time, blogging is may not be for you. 

Now, since you are here, I may imagine that you are willing to put a lots of efforts and cash the time you are putting in blogging. So here are the top 3 ways to earn from a blog. 


Most of the small-medium level bloggers depend solely on AdSense for their earning. AdSense is a contextual advertising service from Google that pays you on CPC (Cost per Click) or CPM (Cost per Mile) basis. Once you have a working blog with sufficient contents and with a good traffic, you can apply to AdSense. Depending on different requirements, they will approve you and give you a javascript code to implement on your blog. That's it. The rest they will maintain. Now every time a visitor clicks on your ads, you will be paid. If a CPM ad is shown on your blog, you will get paid on impressions. So, if you are a small publisher with good contents and 1000 pageview/day, AdSense is for you. 

Google Adsense
AdSense network
You can join AdSense at Google AdSense

Other CPC / CPM advertising service you may opt for are


Affiliate Marketing

In affiliate marketing, you provide a space on your blog for a product and if somebody purchases from your link, a commission is paid to you ranging from 6-15% of the Cost price. Now this may seem to you a small percentage however, consider the fact that if some one buys an apple laptop costing Rs. 60000, with an average of 10% commission, you will earn Rs. 6000. Isn't that big with just one sell? 

Moreover, there is no particular need of dependence on clicks and the varying quality of traffic. You just have to worry about the sales. The more you sell, the more you earn. However, for more sells, you need a tons of traffic. So, this type of earning from blog is not suitable for at least small bloggers. 

amazon products and affliate marketing
Amazon affiliate program
Some affiliate services you may consider are 


Direct Selling Ad Spaces

In direct selling, you sell space on your blog to advertisers and earn from the ads you display. The major advantage of direct selling ad spaces on your blog is that you have complete control on deciding the cost of the advertisement and you earn the complete money unlike AdSense where Google only pays about 70% of the total revenue generated from your blog. However, the limiting thing is that advertisers searches blogs with very high traffic to put ads on and personally they may review your complete blog before contacting you.

If you don't want to get into this complication of managing and handling clients, you can join networks that provide a bridge between the seller and buyer. They charge a fee for that, but the benefit is you still have the choice of deciding the minimum cost for the advertising space you sell on your blog. 

One such network that acts as an interface between you and advertisers is 

How are you making money?

Confused of deciding which is the best way to earn? If you don't have a huge traffic ~30k/per month, direct selling ad spaces may not work for you. If you are new to the blogging with a good amount of contents go for AdSense. Work with them. They are the best in the market. When your traffic will rise accordingly try the other two methods of earning from the blog and make the most of it. Also, how are you making money? Share in the comments.

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25/06/2013 04:28
Pacific Standard Time

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