5 Best Social Bookmarking websites for marketing.

Social Bookmarking Websites are a great place to add, discover, search bookmarks online. These websites can be used to share your content and build an audience. You can build relationship with other people of your niche and interest.

Social Bookmarking websites are the best way to create back links to your blog and drive a consistent targeted traffic to your blog. If used properly, these are the surest and cheapest way to increase your search engine optimization practice and with the use of anchor text, you can create quality backlinks to your posts with different keywords/phrases.

Here is a list of top 5 social bookmarking websites to market your blog.

NOTE: Is their a need to mention twitter in the list? 

1. Pinterest

social bookmarking websites
Pinterest description


2. Delicious

Social bookmarking websites
social bookmarking websites
Delicious description


3. Digg

social bookmarking websites

social bookmarking websites
Digg description


4. Reddit

social bookmarking websites

Reddit description


5. StumbleUpon

social bookmarking websites

StumbleUpon description

These 5 Best Social Bookmarking Websites will help you in driving traffic to your blog. Create accounts, pin your articles (pinteres), submit your posts/ articles on these social bookmarking websites and you will have a good amount of traffic from these.

These best social bookmarking websites will be even helpful in improving your PageRank.


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  1. Bro, I can't stop myself from saying that, these all are the best and top social bookmarking sites.

    Bookmarking links there can gives us best referral traffic and exposure to our blog posts.

    Great work bro!

    1. Yes bro.. These are some of the best social bookmarking sites to build followers and get traffic to your blog.

      Thanks for the appreciation :)