How many AdSense Ads per page.

Many publishers are confused about the number of AdSense Ads they can put on their blog. Remember that the more AdSense ads you put on your blog, the more chances of clicks and more earning. ( However, you may also like to not to hamper the user experience by making your blog cluttered).

Here in this post, I am quickly reminding you of the number of AdSense ads you can put per page on your blog.

▌ Content Ads. 

You can put a maximum of 3 AdSense content ads per page with a condition that you must not use more than one 300x600 ad unit.

This simply implies that

Adsense ads per page
AdSense ads layout.

♦ one 300x600 ad unit + any 2 ad units.
♦ non 300x600 ad unit + any 3 ad units.

The better thing about AdSense is it will display different ads in your ad unit most of the time so no redundancy of ads.

▌ Link Units. 

You can put a maximum of 3 link units per page. Link units are the best to work as fillers on your page utilizing the spaces that are left un-used.

Adsense ads adsense approval.
AdSense Link units.
♦ 3 Link units per page.

▌ Search Boxes. 

There are two search boxes allowed per page. Search boxes are not based on CPM rather, you are paid by the clicks you generate from the search results page ads.

Adsense ads for search.
AdSense for search.

♦ 2 search boxes per page.


Although , you are overall given 3 contents ads per page + 3 link units + 2 search boxes, it is not advisable to place them all on a single page. It reduces the user experience. You must have a proper placing of these ads. Try them at different places. Work with them to monetize your blog. Happy earning.



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  1. I think this much ads placement is enough to Make Money By Google Adsense.

    1. Combination is always advisable. Ad spaces must always be lesser than content. (General practice).

  2. Nice informative post, thanks

    1. Thanks bro!! Keep visiting. And don't forget to subscribe to the blog's mailing list to receive all content in your mail box.