How to get more twitter followers.

Twitter is the second biggest social network after Facebook. If you are not using twitter, you are missing a share of your traffic generation. If you are a twitter user, you must be knowing how important it is to build a follower list on twitter and to get more twitter followers. Here are some of the genuine and traditional ways of increasing your twitter followers.

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▌ Be real. 

♦ Put your real photo with your face visible.
♦ Write up your bio. Don't leave it blank.
♦ Use hashtags in your bio so that people will find you through the hash tags search.

▌ Tweet often. 

♦ Tweet regularly.
♦ Mention people in your tweets.
♦ Use hash tags.
♦ Re-tweet others work.

▌ Follow me and I will follow you back. 

♦ Search people of your niche to follow.
♦ There is no point of following someone with 1 lac followers. You may not even get noticed.
♦ Your already-estabilished networks on Facebook or Google+ are best to start with following.

▌ Ask people to follow you. 

♦ Ask your friends on other social networks to follow you.
♦ Place a gadget on your blog requesting people to follow you.
♦ Mention you twitter name on your other social profiles.
♦ Some commenting system does provide an option of placing your twitter names. DO NOT forget to mention.

Now, what not to do!!

♦ Don't buy followers. You are just increasing your followers who don't give a damn about what you tweet.

♦ Don't use auto posting services. This gives a false impression that you are not interested in building relationship. Its better than you post it manually and post a thanks who praise you or give you a re-tweet.

Do you have any other point for increasing twitter followers which you want to see in this list? We will love to hear that. Do leave a comment.



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  1. I've tried a lot to get readers through twitter but it hardly helps..All of the visitors of my tech blog( are from FB or from direct google search..
    Still I'll try once more with twitter :) your article made me little hopeful.. :)

    1. Increase your followers and use hash tags in posting, and Twitter will be very fruitful to you.

      And its my pleasure my article gave you a hope. (y)

  2. I think Google+ is more better than twitter for traffic acquisition.

    1. See, the different social media performs different for each people. Some find Facebook as their leading traffic generator and some finds Google Plus. Twitter has its own benefits and it has the maximum probability of making an article go viral.

      Having a good amount of followers can really boost your traffic. Twitter has been and will be a front stage marketing media for many bloggers.

  3. Nice article, however i think that google + is way more better than Twitter.
    On my blog (6 days old) i mostly get traffic from google+ and facebook.

    1. Andy, I tried to explain this in the above comment reply. Twitter wil never work with few hundred followers. You need a good following list before you really can drive traffic for your blog. But since, twitter has more "viral" sort of thing, you will get if not then atleast the same amount of traffic from twitter.

      And different social media works different depending upon your niche, your time spending on it and various other factors.

      Good luck.