How to Improve your Google PageRank.

Before suggesting the steps to Improve your Google PageRank, you must know the fact that no matter what you do you won't see any changes in your PageRank until Google decides to update it.

Last time, PageRank was updated in February 1st week. Going by the last year trend, it would have already been updated in June, but there is no update till now. This simply means, You have some more time on working to Improve your Google PageRank.

One more thing, there is no 'defined ways' of improving your PageRank. Google always keep things secret. However, people have learned from some common practices that really help in boosting your PageRank.

Here are some ways of Improving your PageRank.

▌ Content is the king. 

No matter which aspect you discuss about blogging, Content is the king.

Content diagram
Content should be unique.
♦ Post quality content.
♦ Post regularly.
Submit your sitemap to Google so that your articles are indexed.
♦ Keep your content Unique.
♦ If you write an awesome article, certainly people will link to your content.

▌ Get back links from Higher PR. 

The best way to increase you PageRank is by getting back links from reputed websites/blogs that have higher page rank than yours. However, keep in mind the following point before getting a back link from any other websites.

PageRank picture
Courtesy : Wikipedia.

♦ Always go for a blog with better traffic than yours.
♦ Websites with higher PageRank will help more.
♦ Avoid crappy websites. They might lead to down gradation of your PageRank.

▌ Submit your links to social sites. 

Drop your articles links on social media. This will help in Increasing your PageRank. You can use social media like
social media icons
Social Media marketing

♦ Facebook.
♦ Google+.
♦ LinkedIn.
♦ Twitter.

Submit to Other social bookmarking websites like Delicious, Digg, reddit also.

▌ Directory submission. 

Submit your blog to directories. Get listed on Technorati blog media. Work in forums and leave backlinks to your articles. Submit your blog to Yahoo directories.


Check the PR of a website on which you leave a comment or get a back link. Always go for a blog/site with higher PR than yours.


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  1. Nice post! Dont know when will the next PR updates so its a good chance to improve until then!

    1. Yes Saqib Bro. The PR update has been delayed long this time and this only provides some more time to work on PageRank. :)

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