Search Engine Optimization SEO for Beginners.

Search Engine Optimization is a process of ranking higher in Search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!!. The working of these search engines are getting more and more complicated and its difficult to manipulate your bogs/ web page listing in these search engines. However, there are some of the methods and by practicing these methods you can surely get a better ranking.

Lets discuss some of the most common but effective ways of ranking higher in search engine. These Search Engine Optimization tips are for beginners and will play a crucial role in getting a better rank.

▌ Content is still the king. 

The 'only' purpose of search engines is to display as accurate result as possible for any query. Accurate result is in the context of Contents. So, writing a piece of well-organized fresh piece of article is always the first thing you will have to do in order to get noticed by search engines.

Content is the king
Content is the King.
♦ Write well-organized fresh content.
♦ Content must be unique.
♦ Update your blog frequently. If its a new blog, why not to update it daily.

▌ Keywords. 

Keywords are the words for which your site will be discoverable in search engines. A user types something in Google's search bar and then the list of websites/blogs appear as a result of that query. This 'query' is the keywords for you.Here are some of key rules for keywords.
Right keyword selection is important.

♦ Go for a long-tail keyword instead of a short one. For example, If you are writing an article for bloggers, instead of using 'blogging' as a keyword, you may use 'blogging for beginners'. There is far more competition for 'blogging' word.

♦ Put your keywords in your article. Try to embedded your keyword in a natural way as if it was meant to be there only.

♦ Avoid keyword stuffing. Its always advisable to limit your use of keywords to 3-4% of text. That means you can use it 3 times every 100 words you write.

♦ Why not to do a keyword research before selecting your keyword. Google's adwords tool is the best one.

▌ On page optimization. 

On page optimizations practices are the steps taken on the page itself to rank higher in Search Engines.

I have a complete post on On-page optimization. You can read it here.
Top 5 On-Page Search Engine Optimization Techniques.

▌ Link building. 

Link building is an important step for beginners to boost up their Search Engine Optimization practices. It includes

Link building.
Link building.

♦ Guest posting. You can take parameters like Traffic, Alexa rank, PageRank to select blogs for guest posting. There are various high-traffic blogs allowing guest posting on their blogs and its a great idea to write for them.

♦ Commenting on others blogs. Not all but most of the blogs have a do-follow comments section. That means each time you leave a comment on their blogs, you are leaving a link back to your blog. You can search comluv enabled blogs to comment.

You can read more about Link Building Strategy in 2013.

You can always Set up a Google Analytic's Account to keep an eye on your traffic and the key-word ranking of your blog along with CTR. These 4 points are the basic point for a beginner to start their Search Engine Optimization campaign.


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