Google Banned my AdSense account.

This is mine story. How Google Banned me account.

For this present blog, I applied for an AdSense account. As per there norms, I created an ad unit and implemented it on my blog for review. I got final approval from them and ads started showing up on my blog. That was great. I mean getting AdSense is a dream for much of the bloggers with more than 100 articles and 500visitors/day.

I got an account with 27 articles and about 200visits/day.

AdSense worked for 2days. And then I got an email that I have been banned. The reason was not at all clear. Here's a screenshot.

Google didn't explained me as to why and how my AdSense account will pose a significant risk to their advertisers?

And If my blog has kinda problem, why they approved me after all? There mind changed within 2days?

And if they know that my account is posing "a significant risk" to their advertisers, why not they mention it out me?

Just because I am getting a few hundred visitors only and earning some cents per day and is not contributing to your revenue significantly don't mean you need to ban me. You should have not approved me at all.

Search on the internet for the AdSense ban. There are thousands and thousands of such incidents where Google ban blogs without giving any reason.

If you say there is an invalid activity, Mr. Google it would be great if you tell us that activity and we can correct us. Don't you feel so?

▌ story.

I have a college friend Avinash Mishra, owner of the website He is the best blogger in Jaipur according to the IndiBlogger and is in blogging world for more than a year. His blogs has always served as an inspiration to me since I personally know him. One day, I got to know that his AdSense account has been disabled from Google.

He was neither a new publisher like me, nor a small one. He has got decent traffic and that too mainly from Search Engines. His blog is great in Contents, Design, and traffic.  He has a huge readers base for his blog.

So what makes Google ban his account?

▌ What to do next?

I am forgetting about AdSense. Going to concentrate on building my blog as a brand and optimizing it for traffic.

I will rather go for direct advertising as there is not really any AdSense alternatives that pays as decent.

For you, don't put all of your eggs in one basket. Don't rely on AdSense alone. You may wake up someday and find that your account has been banned and that you will never get to know the reason.

Search for alternatives.



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  1. Replies
    1. same story happens with most of the bloggers. Specially here in India.

  2. Your account is disabbled not banned.

    1. Its basically the same. I re-applied and they told me my further application will not be entertained. I just put up this photo instead of the last one.