How to Get On the First Page of Google

Todd jensen mentions in one of his article that about 94% people clicks on 1st page results and only about 6% people clicks on search results on 2nd or 3rd page.

That means if you are ranking even on 2nd  page of Google Search results, only 6 out of 100 people will click on yours blog link. Now considering the fact that there is (usually) 10 sites displayed per page, your chances of getting a visitor become as less as 0.6%. And this small percent increases to 9.4% if you are on 1st page of Google. Isn't that a great increase?

Let me talk about myself. f I am not satisfied with the results on 1st page, I simply search again for some other words combination rather that going to 2nd or 3rd page of Google to see if there is any solution out there for my query.

Chances are that you too do the same.

So, ranking on first page of Google has a great importance if you want some huge traffic from Search engine.

▌ Write great content. 

♦ A blog is a place where you write something and people read it. So, what if you are not giving your full devotion to writing articles? You will never get a large audience and readers. To get loyal readers, you need to have quality content and that too regularly.
content policy
content policy.

♦ Give your readers something new. You can use graphics, pie charts, graphs in you article to make it more interacting.

♦ Stats plays an important role. Give some stats from your side, or request other bloggers of your niche to share their stats on your blog.

♦ A picture is a thousand words. The phrase is so true. Very less people really read the complete post word by word. So, try to give a rough idea in some pictures only.

♦ Use points and heading, subheading, and bulleted texts unless you are writing an essay :P

▌ Social Media Marketing. 

♦ If Google advice you to place a +1 button on your blog for your posts, then you should give attention to it.

♦ Number of Facebook is 2 billions and if you ignore them, search engine will ignore you.

social media marketing
Social Media Marketing.

♦ Social Bookmarking sites provide a great way of sharing your contents to the readers and build a loyal audience to your blog.

♦ You can't expect to be on Google's first page with 20visitors/day. So, initially you have to work it out on different social media like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

▌ Search Engine Optimization. 

♦ Search Engine Optimization comprises of the steps that will increase your search engine ranking.

♦ Do a lot of link building through Guest posting and commenting.

♦ Keywords research has to be done in order to get on 1st page of Google.

♦ On-page and Off-page optimization should be implemented.

♦ Working on titles, URLs, meta descriptions, and site's layout is equally important.

      In this post, I have just outlines the steps that needs to be taken for getting on first page of Google. I have written descriptively on some of the points and I will be writing some more articles in coming days.

If you have any other point which you want to mention, do mention it in comments. It will work great as an input to my coming posts.



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