Infolinks Highest Paying Keywords.

My previous article was Infolinks - in-text ad network review. in which I have discussed about the low CPM rates of Infolinks. However, there are certain keywords that have very high CPM rates and these keywords will boost your earning a lot.

Although, its not possible for me to mention the rates of these Infolinks Highest Paying Keywords, but this list I am generating is collected from different reliable sources and if you include these keywords in your article and Infolinks algorithm detects it as an in-text link, then surely you will make some money.


Here, I have compiled a short list of "insurance" and "blogging" niche highest paying keywords for Infolinks.

▌ Some Highest Paying Keywords for Infolinks Publishers.

       Insurance niche keywords.

♦ car insurance

♦ online car insurance

♦ cheap car insurance

♦ life insurance

♦ car insurance rates

Importance of keywords.
♦ cheapest car insurance

♦ memphis car insurance

♦ instant car insurance

♦ car insurance quotes

♦ car insurance quotes online

♦ free quote for car insurance

♦ auto insurance

♦ nj auto insurance

♦ ny car insurance

♦ car insurance texas

♦ life insurance rates

♦ compare car insurance rates

      Technology niche keywords.

♦ data recovery denver

♦ data recovery service

♦ data recovery service los angeles

♦ conference calling companies

♦ managed hosting services

♦ raid data recovery services

♦ conference calling

♦ laptop data recovery

♦ register domain name

♦ register domain services

♦ domain register

♦ hard drive data recovery

♦ domain registration

♦ help desk softwares

♦ domain names

♦ online credit card processing

♦ domain hosting

♦ credit card

♦ data recovery

These are the highest paying keywords in there categories and using them in your article will surely earn you more money than usual.

This is going to happen most of the time. By most of the time, I mean that there will be times where Infolinks algorithm do not mark these keywords as their in-text ads or shows up an ad that has a low bid by any advertiser.

But this surely will see some more earning in your account.

In coming posts, I am gonna find out and write about some more other niche's high paying keywords for Infolinks and other ad networks like AdSense and chitika. Do come back. You may subscribe to the blog from the right sidebar subscribe option to receive all the latest updates in your mail box.


ambarish kumar

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  1. How do you apply these keywords?? Pls reply. Thanks

    1. Try to include some of them in your article in a natural way. You just have to make some space in your post and include these keywords. Infolinks will detect it automatically.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Ambika. You can increase your Infolinks earning by using some of these keywords.

  3. wow very helpful information for me, I also play in infolink
    please visit my blog:

  4. Hi Ambarish,

    If you share the CPC along with the keyword then it would be better. In 2013, i have found a keyword which CPC 265$ and the keyword is based on a specific law firm. Would you please add the CPC then lots of your visitors will be helpful from your blog. Waiting for your reply.


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    1. The CPC factor cannot be determined accurately. It depends on the time and place the visitor is coming from, and how much the advertiser is willing to pay for that keyword at that time. The probability is that a keyword gets high CPC one day and a low the another day. There is no genuine system to determine the CPC. Hence, I didn't mention it.

  5. Did Infolinks Pay if someone hovers the mouse over the link and ad is shown or they have to click that ad. I also include some highest paying keywords in my blog
    and in related tags some of the keywords links was shown but i dont think that infolinks has pay me for that ads shown.
    plz reply

    1. Infolinks is no more CPC program. It pays you when someone hovers mouse ver these ads.

      No, infolinks will not pay you for the related tags. Again, it will pay you if someone hovers his mouse over them.

      Related tags are the highest paying keywords selected on the basis of your content.