Infolinks Review- In-text Ad Network

Infolinks is an in-text advertising network that shows ads by generating a hyperlink in your blog's text and do not need any extra space like any other advertising network such as Google AdSense or chitika. You can make money from your blog using Infolinks if you have a huge amount of traffic to your blog.

infolinks in text ad network
Infolinks - In-text ad network
The best part of Infolinks is that you can use it along with AdSense to generate some extra income from your blog. You can even use them as alternatives to Google AdSense if AdSense has not approved you or have blocked you do to any reason.

▌ How Infolinks works.

Infolinks automatically scans your blog and selects keywords from your blog and highlight them by underlining and assigning a color (as you choose the type of underline dotted or double underline and color of the links). Infolinks is basically a CPM ad network, that means you will be paid once a visitor to your blog hovers his mouse on one of these ads.

Infolinks has 4 different products under one account.

♦ in-text. Here, the keywords are selected by Infolinks algorithm and an ad is linked with it.

infolinks in text ad
in text ad
♦ in-search. A box appears at the bottom of the page advising some related searches according to your post.
infolinks- in-search ad.

♦ in-tag. Tags related to your article are seen there and work much likely as in-text program. These does take some space from your blog.
infolinks- in-tag ad.

♦ in-frame. in-frame ads appears to those users who have different screen resolution and your articles do not cover the complete screen.
in-frame ad.

▌ Infolinks site requirements.

Infolinks do not have any special site requirements. All websites are accepted and there is no predefined minimum limit of traffic, content or anything.

However, they will not approve you if you have pornographic content, content related to hacking and cracking, and drugs-related articles.

▌ Infolinks CPM rates.

Do not compare Infolinks with AdSense. The CPM rates are not same for every user. Depends on the ads shown and the quality of traffic.

I am using infolinks from quite a time and till now my average CPM is between 0.3$-0.4$. That means I earn 1$ for every 3000 page views.

Note. This is my personal earning. It may and will be different for you. Its just an estimate of how much you can earn from them. And most importantly, I have mentioned CPM rates according to page views and not ad views. The CPM rates for Ad views is much greater. But since not every page views will result in Ad views, hence it is lesser.

▌ Payment Method.

Through PayPal and wire transfer. Minimum payout for Paypal is 50$.

▌ Infolinks Review- What do I suggest.

If you are banned / disapproved from AdSense, go for Infolinks. If you are an AdSense user already and earning good, you still can integrate Infolinks to your blog to at least get your internet cost covered by the earning :)

How to join Infolinks and Integrate to your blog.

You can join Infolinks from my affiliate links. The official website of Infolinks is

You can integrate Infolinks to your blog once they approve your blog by going to your dashboard > Integrate.

There is default integration for Blogger, WordPress, Drupal and Joomla platform. If you are using any other platform you can use their javascripts code.

▌ Some additional key features of Infolinks. 

♦ You can turn on/off any of the products of infolinks according to your need.

♦ You can select whether the ads are displayed as dotted line, or a double underlined.

♦ You can select the color of the underlined text. You can even modify it to resemble your sites theme so that they do not look as an ad.

♦ There is easy integration for popular platforms like Blogger and WordPress. You do not need to copy paste their javascripts code.

♦ You can use it along with AdSense.

♦ You can add as many blog as you want.

This is what I have regarding Infolinks. You may try it and see how it performs for you. The only negative point of Infolinks is that sometimes it annoys your visitors.


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  1. Dude i do use infolink but my earn is very littre how can i increase it

    1. You should not compare with AdSense for sure in earning. You can earn from them by optimizing your articles and using high paying keywords in your write ups.
      No matter which publishing environment you chose, earning is directly proportional to your traffic.