Keyword Research Basics for Bloggers.

Searching something on Google? Do you ever go to 10th page of the search result? Nor did I. Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing your blog/sites according to these search engines in order to rank higher in the search results. Ranking on 1st page of the Google is the ultimate goal of any blogger and so is mine. SEO is not a "precisely" defined area. Its just that people have discovered some the basic ways of improving search engine ranking.

Keywords plays an important role in building your seo. It is rightly said as backbone of search engine optimization.

Keywords are the the words or phrase that a person searches. It is important for you to know that which keywords are more important and are searched more. Using a keyword research tool such as Google Adword Tool is a better way of finding the best keyword.

Some basic keyword selection practices.

Use Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords means that you include some extra words in your keyword in order to make it more specific and targeted.

keyword density diagram
Your target in terms of competition and length of keyword.
Lets understand this through an example.

If you select "blogging" as your keyword, you are basically trying to compete with thousands of "well organized highly ranked" blogs and sites on internet. Some of them are years old and even have hired seo professionals to manage. Why so? Coz "blogging" is so common word. Instead using "blogging as a career", "making money from blogging" have less competition and your chances of getting on first page is at least there. Moreover, people now no more search a word. They prefer searching for phrases.

Less Competition, More searches

Give preference in selecting phrases which have not very high searches. If its searched millions times a day, most probably half of the blogger world already knows about it, and most likely is working on it.

Try choosing a keyword with less competition and more monthly searches. Sometimes you will have to trade of between these two.

Balancing between these two is necessary. You will never desire to rank on 1st page of Google for a keyword that is searched 5 times a month. Do you?

Use multiple keywords in a blog post

money from blogging
"Make money from blogging"- variations.
Its a good idea to use concentrate on more than one keyword phrase in your article. Do not just stick to one particular keyword. Use a slight variation of the main keyword all along the post.

Keyword Density

Stick to a 2-3% rule. That means you put 2 times your keyword every 100 words. There is no fixed defined rule but this is considered to be ideal. Keyword stuffing can lead to your site going down in search engine results as Google has algorithms for detecting it and they penalize blogs written solely for the search engines. 

Put your keyword in your URL In your article's title, in the beginning and ending paragraph, and in between the other paragraphs. Do not OVERDO it.  

What do you prefer? 

1. Ranking on 1st page for keyword that is searched 100times a day,
2. Ranking on somewhere like 21st page of Google for a keyword that is searched 10,000 a day??

I would go for the first option.

You should set up Google Analytics for your blog and always give a watch to the search terms. These terms can prove to be much helpful in deciding your keywords for your upcoming posts.

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  1. Good overview. Helpful and easy to understand.

    1. Thanks Helen. Good to hear your review. Please do subscribe to receive all my posts in your mail box.

  2. Your last paragraph contains gems bro. I too have been just going for second option thinking that searches my words receive will be higher. But what said makes senses. I think I have to make some changes in way I think. Thanks bro.

    1. Thanks for the appreciation Sherab. Yes, that would be good targeting less competitive keywords and ranking them. Easier to rank.