Google's Hummingbird Algorithm and Its Effect on your Blog.

Yesterday, Google announced the largest update to its search engine algorithm since 2001, and called it Hummingbird. The update had already been rolled out a month ago and it was announced yesterday.

Hummingbird is not same as Panda or Penguin. Panda and Penguin updates were only a part of algorithm that was updated and not the entire algorithm. Hummingbird update is an entire algorithm update and is a major one since "Caffeine" in 2010.


Hummingbird algorithm update will concentrate more on phrases and meaning behind the words rather than keywords only. It basically will try to return a page to you which answers your query in a better way than a page which just includes keywords of your search query.

Is it going to affect your Search Engine Rankings? If it had not affected till now, then perhaps you are safe from it. The Hummingbird update has been live from a month, and you don't really need to worry about, if you have no drastic changes in your search engine results.

The only way to keep Hummingbird or alike updates not to affect your search engine rankings is Original Content and High quality genuine backlinks. Many of the webmasters were severely affected by Panda and Penguin in the bast due to their negative Search Engine Optimization practices. The best way to rank "always" well in search engines is the same old thing. If you are writing original and useful contents, Google will always rank you well.


ambarish kumar

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