Infolinks high Paying Keywords - Blogging niche.

Infolinks is a great way to earn some money. Its an in-text ad program that selects words from the blog's text and adds a pop up advertising to it. The best part with Infolinks is that it do not take any space on your blog and although the earnings are not as good as AdSense, with right keywords, it can be optimized for better earning. There are people earning a lot from Infolinks Advertising programs and you too can join and earn.

Infolinks keywords
Infolinks keywords
The main reason of low earning from Infolinks is that you do not have high paying keywords in your text. You must have noticed "facebook" ads on some of the keywords selected. I have never seen them paying any paisa to me. So, the idea is to include words that really pays.

▌ High Paying keywords for Blogging niche.

♦ Make money blogging

♦ Make money

♦ Affiliate marketing

♦ Affiliate ads

♦ Make money from blogging

♦ I make money

♦ How do i make money

♦ Internet marketing advertising

♦ Advertise

♦ Make money from

♦ Search engine optimization

♦ Best AdSense alternatives

♦ CPM rates

♦ Small business marketing

♦ More traffic to your blog

♦ Search Engine Ranking

♦ webmasters

♦ To earn money

♦ Internet marketing strategies

♦ Social bookmarking sites

♦ Best social bookmarking websites

♦ Get more twitter followers

These Infolinks keywords are high paying keywords. However, the rates does depend on the traffic quality and the place it is coming from. Ad views from US will generate more earning than Indian traffic.

Remember to include at least 10 keywords that pays in your post. This will boost your CPM rates and eventually your earning.

Note: Traffic plays an important role in your earning. No matter which advertising agency you are working with, more visitors means more money. So try to increase your traffic base.


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  1. Hello Ambrish,

    Thanks for sharing this nice post. Could you specify how to find out highest paying keywords for different niche. For instance, for a technology blog'.

    Will you also please mention some more ways for blog earnings besides Google Adsense?

    1. Hey Bro. Its all through watch and learn method for finding the keywords. The in-tags are the high paying keywords which you can use. Contact me on G+ for more info.