Make money with Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger

A good number of bloggers see pay-per-click programs as a very slow process of earning and rather take up affiliate marketing to make money from blogging.

Affiliate marketing, rather than paying for impressions or clicks, pays you when the ads shown on your blog make some sales. You are given an amount/sale which is usually in 5-10% of the cost. That means, if someone buys a laptop of 500$ thorough the ads shown on your blog, you will earn between 30-50$.

The best part of the affiliate marketing is that you don't need really great traffic to earn significant
amount. You should be good at reviews and compel your audience to buy things.

Lets understand the difference between pay-per-click and affiliate marketing.

With 1$ cpm (cost-per-mile), and 10,000 traffic, you will make 10$.

And if you the ads generate even 5 sales of items with cost price 100$, you will earn 50$ with the same amount of traffic.

▌Google Introduces Affiliate Ads for US.

Google earn about 96% of its money through revenue programs - AdSense and AdWords. With bloggers switching from older ppc or cpm advertisings to affiliate marketing, Google cannot take risks of Ignoring it for a long time.

Google affiliate ads
Google Affiliate Ads
Google recently launched Affiliate Ads for US users. To get started,

Go to Earnings tabs on blogger dashboard and click Get started. You need to have an AdSense account in order to show affiliate ads. If you don't have one, sign up for AdSense account.

When you publish an article of review of any brand or product, the Google Affiliate Ads for blogger widget will help you display an appropriate affiliate ad in your blog, either text link, image or banner.

When someone make a purchase from the affiliate link, you will earn a commision per sale. Your earning is not restricted to clicks or impressions anymore.

Google Affiliate Ads for UK now.

Google has extended its Affiliate Ads programs to United Kingdom.


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