Tips to Get On First Page of Google.

If you are a Blogger, you must be knowing the importance of Organic Traffic and the importance of ranking on first page of Google. 70% of the searchers do not even bother to see what's there on the second page of Google's search result. So, in order to get a decent traffic from search engine, Ranking in first page is of high importance.

There is no fixed and defined way of ranking higher in Google SERP. With Google updating its algorithm, the latest being Hummingbird update, there is always just guessing and hit and trials. However, there are certain parameters that has been and will always matter to rank higher in Google Search Results.

▌ How to Get on First Page of Google.

Discover most popular phrases and words that are searched for, in your domain. There are different tools to find keywords and search phrases. You may use webmaster tool to discover the phrases for which your site is being discovered in Google Search.

Put relevant information in Title and Meta tags. Title and Meta tags plays
an important role in your search engine rankings. Title is what is shown to a person who queries and putting your best keyword and phrase is very important. With meta-tags, always have different tags for each posts.

Use a better URL structure. Use your keywords in URLs. Do not just put some numbers and random digits in your URL. Blogger gives you an option of customizing your URL.

Select custom Permalink in your right sidebar and enter your URL. Use hyphen (-) instead on under scores (_). Hyphen differentiate between words whereas underscores make it all a one word.

Submit your website's sitemap to Google and other Search Engines. Al though, Google will crawl your website someday, why to wait. Submit manually your sitemap to search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing for faster indexing of your posts.

Link building. PageRank is still an important factor among 200+ factors in determining your site's credibility. Make sure you have high quality backlinks from different high PageRanked websites and blogs. You can achieve this through Comments, Guest Post and by writing great content, so that people tag your articles genuinely.

Write unique and good quality content. Content is the king. The basic aim of any search engine is to provide the best content according to a query. No matter what Google will do with its algorithm, it will always give importance to high quality contents.

Social Media presence has been playing an important role in search engine ranking. Be active on Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and use them to create backlinks and generate traffic to your blog. The plus and likes and shares does improve your Search Engine Optimization processes.


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