Top 3 High Paying Pay Per Click Ad Network

There are many Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising network that pays on the number of clicks generated on the ads shown on your blog. PPC is the simplest and an efficient way of making more money from blog. There are various sites which work as an intermediate between advertisers and publishers. If you do not wanna go into the complication of dealing with the advertisers directly, you may try one of these Pay-per-click programs.

Here is a list of top 3 high paying pay per click ad networks.

▌ AdSense

AdSense is the best and most trust-able and efficient pay per click program. Its not purely PPC but is a combination of cost per click and cost per impression and the AdSense algorithm decides which ads to show selecting the higher paying ad among the bidders. It is and has been the primary source of income for many reputed bloggers and is the un-doubtedly the best paying network. The major advantage of using AdSense is that you can see earnings in your account even if you have moderate traffic. Anything between 100-500 visitors / day will earn you a $ per day.

Google AdSense
Google AdSense
However, AdSense approval is getting tougher day by day but if you have a good blog with a decent traffic and a custom domain, you will get AdSense approval.

▌ has emerged as an alternative to AdSense. Its rates are as competitive as AdSense. Its a Yahoo!! Bing joint venture to outrule the dominance of AdSense in advertising industry. They are presently in invite only period and they will approve your blog manually. You need to have a good traffic from U.S., U.K., and Canada for getting approved from advertising. advertising.

The best part with is that they have new ad units since people have got banner blindness to the same old AdSense ad units. If you are an AdSense publisher, is still a good option to try out.

Chitika network
Chitika network

▌ Chitika

Chitika is a the leading advertising network in search targeted ads. They offer a good Cost per click but its worth only when you have a major part of your traffic coming from Search Engines. Chitika has referral program also, that means you can more with them.

Chitika will never work for you if you do not have a good search engine traffic. Since, the mobile users have been increasing exponentially, you can earn from them through their mobile ad units.

Recommendation. I will suggest sticking to any of these 3 pay per click ad programs rather than searching their alternatives. These 3 ad networks are best to make money online.

Infolinks is a good AdSense alternative but its not a Pay per click program. Rather, it pays on ad views.

AdSense is still the best, while is relatively new and it works good for some. Chitika is only better if you have search targeted ads.


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