Adding Title Text and Alt Text to Images in Blogger.

Alt text provides text alternative to images. It is a way to describe the image to search engines so that the search engine can result the image for any query.

Providing an Alt text for image will bring you some more traffic to your articles through image search and you may find a loyal reader to your blog.

If you have images in your blog and you are not providing alt text, then perhaps you are missing some of your traffic.

▌ Insert Title and Alt text in blogger.

Insert an image in your article in Blogger,

When you left click on the Image inserted, all the attributes are shown to you.

Select Properties and a dialogue box will appear asking for Title text and Alt text for the image. Add the Title text and Alt text to your image.

♦ An image Alt attribute must contains your keywords phrases. It may include some words or phrases. However, stay away from keyword stuffing.

♦ Do not put the same Alt attribute for different images. Try to have some variance with each image.


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