Country Specific URL Redirection In Blogger - Advertising point of view.

Have you noticed the fact that your Blogger blog redirects to country specific URL? If you own a blog and you have not bought a custom domain, your blog will be redirected to the country specific domain according to new Google policies.

Google says the reason is:
We are doing this to provide more support for managing content locally. If we receive a removal request that violates local law, that content may no longer be available to readers on local domains where those laws apply.

I have already discussed the effect of country specific domain redirection and how to prevent it in my post: How to prevent blogger redirection to country specific URL.

You can read more about it on Google Support Forum.

In this post, I am going to discuss the country specific domain re-direction's effect  on your advertising solutions.

What happens is the ad programs treat your [xyz] and [xyz] as separate domains and hence affects your earnings.


AdSense has one good thing in it. Once you get approval from AdSense, you are allowed to put their ads on any blog that complies its terms and services. Hence you do not need to worry about the country specific redirection.

When I contacted about the country specific redirection problem and whether I need to get approved for each domain .com, .in, separately, this is what they replied me.


I asked the same question with Infolinks representatives and they give me the following answer.

So, if you are a publisher, you need to get approved for all your subdomains in order to utilize all your traffic in making money from blogging. You do not need to worry about the  other two advertising solutions - AdSense and Infolinks. Hope you make more money online.

The best way to avoid this problem is to buy a custom domain. There are many cheap domain hosting services and GoDaddy even offers domain at less than 2$. Google it and you will get one. 

If you are working with any other publishing solution, do tell our readers how they treat this custom redirection for .blogspot domain. 


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