How to Build Quality Backlinks for Your Blog.

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Quality backlinks can improve your Search Engine Optimization process and bring you a good amount of traffic. Although Google has not updated its PageRank for a long while, PageRank is still one of the 200+ ranking factors. The "backlinks" has been overused and manipulated by many webmasters and Google has switched its importance from quantity to quality. Now, only number of backlinks do not decide your ranking, but the quality of backlinks also matters.

The main question is how to build Quality Backlinks for your blog. The answer is still the same. Backlinks should be natural (or at least looks to be natural) and come from reputed sources (in PageRank terms, from a higher PageRank website/blog).

▌ Build Quality Backlinks For Your Blog

♦ Blog Commenting.

Blog commenting is still the most preferred choice of building backlinks to your blog and driving traffic. Search for blogs that has been in market for a long time and has a higher PageRank. Make sure your comments remain relevant to the article.

Searching for blogs that allows do follow back links to your blog is a smarter way of increasing your backlinks. The easiest way is to search CommentLuv enabled blogs of your niche and posting there. Posting 10 to 20 comments per day will ensure 300 backlinks per month which is a huge number for a beginner.
Link Building strategy
Link Building strategy

♦ Guest Blogging.

Most of the blogs provide an option of guest posting and allow links in post and in author bio. This is a great way to increase your followers list and audience along with getting traffic. The major advantage with Guest Posting is that your articles are revealed to a new set of audience and thus increasing your reach. Almost all reputed blogs allow guest posting and applying and writing for some of them will surely gonna help you.

♦ Forums and Yahoo!!

There are a lot of forums where discussion is always on. Join these forums and participate. Some of these forums allow links in your signature and thus giving you a chance of increasing your back links.

Yahoo Answer is also a great place to answer queries of bloggers and leave a link there.

There are other places to leave your back links like Technorati to increase your backlinks.

♦ Social Bookmarking sites.

Link Building strategy
Social Bookmarking websites
You can increase your back links by marketing your site over Pinterest, Reddit, StumbleUpon. These are great medium to drive traffic to your blog.

Reddit can work exceptionally well with good content and catching title. Choosing the best subreddit will increase your chances for traffic. Subreddits works like groups and communities.

♦ Your own way.

Do you have any other way of increasing backlinks to your blog? Do share us in comments.


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