How to Change a Blogger Post URL.

Sometimes after publishing a post, many bloggers realize that they should have changed the Permalink of their post. Manu Jamwal's question in a Blogger forum on one of the social networking sites (to be specific, Facebook) made me to create this post.

▌ How to change a Blogger Post URL. 

Step 1:

To change a blogger post URL after publishing, go to your Blogger Dashboard > Posts > Edit the post of which you want to change the URL.

Step 2:

Before changing the Blogger post URL, you have to un publish it. To do that, Revert to Draft your article.

Revert to draft.
Step 3: 

Now, in the right sidebar, click on Permalink and select Custom Permalink. Enter your new custom URL for the post and publish it.

Add your Custom Permalink.

Note that you cannot use special characters except ( _ ) underscores and ( - ) hyphens. No spaces are allowed. Until you give a correct URL, it won't allow you to publish it.

In this way, you can change the URL of your blog post without loosing the date and time of publishing.

However, it is advisable not to change blogger post URL once published since after it is indexed, if you change the URL of your blog post, search engines will still try to search the old URL and return a 404 error since the original link no more exists. You can see errors like that in your Google Webmaster dashboard. These errors may affect your search engine optimization practices.


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