How to Increase AdSense CPC - Cost Per Click.

Google AdSense
Google AdSense
Many webmasters depends completely on AdSense for making money from blogging. However, when they see 0.01$ - 0.3$ earnings per click, they are disappointed. With an average AdSense Cost Per Click of 0.3$, one needs to have about 330 clicks to make 100$. If your Click Through Rate is the ideal one 2-3%, then with 3% CTR, you will receive your first check from AdSense for 11,000 visitors. If you are a small publisher, you must be thinking how big this number is.

So, is their any solution to make more money from AdSense? Answer is Yes. By working on increasing your AdSense CPC. With 1$ AdSense CPC, you will reach the same amount with 3,000 visitors.

▌ How to increase your AdSense CPC - Cost Per Click. 

Lets understand what is CPC first. CPC is Cost Per Click, the amount an advertiser will pay for the clicks generated on ads displayed on your blog.

Practically, you can't control the AdSense CPC. Its all Google algorithms to decide which ad to serve on your blog and you are not given any option to choose your rates. However, there are some common practices by which you can increase your AdSense CPC.

Earn more with Google AdSense
Earn more with Google AdSense

♦ The most important aspect of increasing your AdSense CPC is the traffic. A click from developed countries like U.S., U.K., or Canada will pay 3-4times per click than any click generated from India or Pakistan. So, improve your traffic. Target audience of these countries and you will have higher AdSense CPC.

♦ The second thing is Niche. AdSense is a contextual ad serving program and it will in most cases show ads related to the content of your blog. Blogs with "domains and hosting, cars and insurance, photography, Google products, Microsoft news and updates, banking sector" attract higher AdSense CPC.

♦ Next thing for higher AdSense CPC is your ad placements. If you have put 3 ads in your blog, the one that appears first in your blog's html body will have the ads with highest CPC. So, you must place it where it is visible, above the fold.

♦ Usually, the text ads have higher Cost Per Click than image ads. Hence, restricting the type of ads only to text is a good way on increasing AdSense CPC. This may not be true in all cases but generally text ads will earn you more revenue.

♦ Ad Size also plays an important role in increasing your AdSense CPC. If you select a more general ad format, there is likely to be more competition in that segment, and Google will display the highest paying ads competing for your blog.

       Although, you can't really control the AdSense CPC, but you can increase to certain extent by following these steps. Make more money from blogging.


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