How to Increase Your Twitter Followers.

Unless you are a celebrity, you will have to work hard to Increase your twitter followers. Twitter is a social networking site than can bring a huge traffic to your blog if used effectively. The ultimate success of Twitter as a marketing tool and for driving traffic to your blog relies mostly on the number of followers you have.

Increase your twitter followers
twitter as a marketing tool

They are a number of services that will say that they can Increase your twitter followers from a thousand to ten thousand with some amount of money. But what I suggest is you should not waste your money in buying these followers since most of them are not even concerned about your posts and niche.

Its a good idea to increase your twitter followers naturally and gradually.

▌ Tips to Increase your twitter followers.

1. Use your Social Connections. 

The first step towards Increasing your twitter followers is to ask people who already are in your connections on other social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus. These are the people whom you personally know and are willingly going to follow you on twitter. Leave a Personal Message or post a message on your wall asking people to follow you there.

2. Follow and get followed. 

This is perhaps the best technique to increase your twitter followers. This is often known as the fundamental rule of increasing your twitter followers. So, search for people you know, people of your niche and follow them. And most probably you will get followed back.

3. Update your Bio and Profile. 

If your profile looks spammy, your chances are less. Put your real photo, a short and effective bio with hash tags. Hash Tags ensures that your profile is popped up in search queries on twitter.

4. Tweet.

The more you tweet, the better it is. Do not only use twitter for marketing your articles. Tweet news and quotes and other people's articles. Re-tweeting other article drives their attention to you and will be helpful in developing a mutual relationship of give and take.

5. Join twitter chats. 

There are various groups on twitter that assemble together to talk about any particular topic. Participate in these discussions. This will give you more coverage and new followers.

      There are several other factors that will count in Increasing your twitter followers. These 5 points will surely gonna help you. If you have any other point in mind to increase your twitter followers do share with our readers in comments.


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  1. As a marketer or business owner you don't have time to do the preliminary work to build your base of buy twitter followers, so buying them is the best option.

    1. Hey Kevin. Buying may work for business peoples but for a Blogger working individually, its not at all beneficial. Buying twitter followers is like buying numbers only.