How to Make Money From Your Blog.

Most of the blogs have only one purpose - making money online. Although, there are several ways of making money online, its not going to be easy. If you think you have set up a blog and driving traffic to your blog of about 1k visitors/ day can bring you a check once a month, then most probably you are wrong.

Making money from blogging will require as much effort and time as any other service. You have to be dedicated towards your blog and have to learn a lot in order to be a earner.

▌ How to make money from your blog.

Go to blogging communities on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn or forums / yahoo, you will find several people asking the same question - how to make money from blog.

Make money from blog - a list.

♦ Advertising. The first way of earning from your blog is by placing ads on your blog. There are several publishing programs which will host ads on your blog and gives you money for that.

Google AdSense


Tribal Fusion

Vibrant Media

There are several other alternatives which you can Google and try.

♦ Affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is another way of making money from blog where you review a product and recommend it to your users. You are paid a commission on each sale. There are several affiliate marketing networks all over the globe. You can try some of these.

Commission Junction



♦ Other methods. There are several other methods for making money from your blog apart from these two. These includes but are not limited to:
Selling eBooks



      If you know any other way of making money from blogging ,do share with us in comments.


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