How to Speed up Your Blog.

Blog's loading time is also an important part of Search Engine Optimization. There are various reasons that affect the site's loading time and hence the performance. If your site's speed is on the slower site, then perhaps you need to improve your site's loading time.

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Improve your blog's Loading speed

There are a number of factors that affects a blog's loading time. You can work on these factors to speed up your blog.

▌ Number of posts.

The number of posts you display on your homepage directly affects your blog load time. You can easily restrict the number of posts that are shown on the homepage of your blog.

Open your Blogger dashboard > Layout > Edit post.

 Click on the Edit option. A pop up windows will appear with various options.

Now, choose the desired number of posts you want to display on the home page. Its recommended to limit the number of posts to a maximum of 10 on home page to speed up your blog.

▌ Optimize your images.

If you have images in your articles, then it is going to slow down your blog. However, Image is an integral part of your articles which you cannot omit. So you need to optimize them. You can reduce your image size by converting it to a .jpg formats which takes much lesser space. You can crop your image to a smaller size or even decrease its resolution in order to enhance your loading time and speed up your blog.

▌ Javascripts and ad-on.

The more you use javascripts in your blog, the slower your blog will be. Try to avoid third party javascripts and even if you use them, use it at the bottom of your blog. If you intend to use one in the sidebar, it may be at the bottom part of your sidebar. 

▌ Avoid popups. 

Pop ups will considerably slow down you site's loading time.

▌ Ad services.

Ads on your blog also affect your site's loading time. Whether it be AdSense or any other money making program, they are going to affect to some extent. Infolinks has a very bad impression of slowing down the blog's loading time to a great extent. Avoid if you can.

AD services like Qadabra will slow down too.

      You can put these minds in your mind to improve your site's performance by reducing its load time.

Bonus: You can measure your blog's speed by using a stop watch.

Go to Stopwatch website: Enter your blogs address and the time will show up. The elements of your blog which is loaded at the end are the one which is taking the maximum time and reducing your site's speed. 

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