Increase Traffic to Your Blog : Social Media

This is the first article of the series about how to increase traffic to your blog. No matter how well you write and to whatever topic you devote your blog to, you are going to face difficulty in bringing traffic to your blog initially.

When you start up your blog, your search engine optimization process won't kick in for some time. May be a week, may be a month you have to wait for. You don't have subscribers to your blog and no one really knows about your blog. Then comes the role of social media.

Social Media can bring you a lot of traffic to your blog in any condition: whether your blog is new or is an established one. However, you must know how to fully utilize these social media in order to increase traffic to your blog.

▌ By social media, I mean non other than:

♦ Facebook
♦ Google+
♦ LinkedIn
♦ Twitter

▌ Set up yourself.

The first step towards utilizing social media to bring traffic to your blog is to set up your profile if you don't have one and adding people you know to your profile. You have to look genuine there and for that, you have to put your own display picture along with your bio. Now its time to import all your contacts and connecting with them.

▌ Increase your influence.

After setting up your profile, you need to reach to maximum people. Add people in your friend list and circles whom you know. Search for people with same interest in different groups and communities over the social media and join them, follow them or connect with them.

▌ Set up your blog identity on these media.

Now to increase traffic to your blog, you have to market your blog over these media. This can be done by creating pages, asking your friends to like or subscribe to these pages and join your blog community and asking them to re share it to reach to maximum people.

You can even use paid advertising in order to reach to people who are interested in blog's niche. These people will eventually be your readers and will bring regular traffic to your blog. However, buying twitter followers is not a good idea. You can Google about its reason.

▌ Marketing your content.

Facebook Page for my blog.

I presume that you have set up your profile and community and pages for your blog. Now its time to share your content to your subscribers. Using catching titles and images in your link share is a better way of driving traffic to your blog as compared to posting plain simple links. Putting up an image increases your chance of re sharing.

▌ Communication with readers.

There will be people who will like your links and re-share them. There is no problem giving them a word of thanks. People will comment on your links and may praise you or criticize. You have to take the criticism in a constructive way and give a thanks to the praises. You have to satisfy your readers who have queries. And provide solutions to the problems asked by other users in different communities.

      The basic aim of social media optimization is to reach to maximum people and connect with them. Social media is a great place to drive traffic to your blog with very less efforts.

If you think the article misses any points, feel free to share in comments. :)


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  1. Great post but I have one question though . Is it really worth it to actually pay for social media adds? Have you ever tried it?

    1. I have not really used social media ads personally. But my friends who are in blogging does use that. And I have noticed quite a decent amount of likes on there pages.

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