Making Money from Blogging is Never Easier.

Making Money from Blogging has never been easier. If you see Blogging as a quick earning scheme with very less effort required then you are most certainly wrong. Making money from blogging is just like any other profession will need your time, hard work and consistency.

Making money from blogging
Making money from Blogging. Source: wikimedia (GNU GPL license)

There are several ways to make money online and blogging is one of them. Most people assume that it is an easier task to make money from blogging and start their blogging career with fliers. However, within 2-3 months they face reality and quit.

▌ Why making money from Blogging is not easier.

Requires hard work. You will need to spend hours working on contents and site's design. You will run out of ideas some times. You will not find free images for your blog. And you will find that its never easy to write a 300 words article.

Consistency. Your blog is going to be richer till you are active. Your blogs life will simply depend on how consistent you are in posting articles.If you are student like me, you will have exams. You will have no internet access at times. You will go for vacations and even fall ill.

Making money from blogging. Lets say you are consistent and hard working. What if Google AdSense do not approves you? What if they ban you after a month of approval? Your earnings will depend on publishing programs and their approval is on their terms. Its never in your hand.

Traffic. There will be earning between 1-2$ for every thousand visitors. Now, if you want a 100$ check for a month, you will need 50,000 visitors. Isn't that a huge traffic? You will have to create profiles on hundreds of social networking and bookmarking sites. You will have to share your links there and reply to all those comments (sometimes "bad") on your links. You will have to search for groups and communities and request to join.

Learning and Learning. You will have learn about Search Engine Optimization, Social Media marketing and much more. Google has a number of algorithms like Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin which you have to look after. You will have to learn to rank higher in search engines, to optimize your site, images and a hundred
other factors.

Dealing with Copy paste. Just when you start seeing some improvements in traffic and your effort in making money from blogging, you find that somebody's have replicated your blog and is ranking higher in search engines than your blog. You waste your time filing complaints and shouting to Google its your content.

Spammers and hackers. you will find people hacking your blog and spamming it. You will have to make multiple back ups of your blog, and block ip address of the spammers.

      This is just a short list of problems which proves why making money from blogging is not easier. There is going to be many more reasons and you will have to tackle every problem in order to prosper.

Do you have any other point which you have faced while trying to earn money online? Do share with our readers.


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