This will Negatively Affect Your Blog's Ranking in Search Results.

Practicing Search Engine Optimization increases your chances in Ranking higher in Search Results. However, most people over do it. Links play an important role in deciding your ranking. Al though, PageRank has not been updated for a while, its still one of the 200+ factors that decide your rankings. Link building has been a favorite choice for the Bloggers to fool Google to rank higher in search results.

The best way of creating high quality genuine back links is by writing genuine and relevant content that can naturally gain popularity and is linked back. 

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Black Hat Optimizers find it easier to create links and rank higher. Hence, Google has some guidelines for link building which must be kept in mind to not to violate terms and negatively affect your SEO process.

▌ Here's how you can negatively affect your blog's ranking in search results.

♦ Buying or selling links. This includes direct buying/selling and using services which guarantee links in exchange of money.

♦ Link exchange. Link exchange is a process in which you host link of other and in return, get a link back to your blog. Link exchange is fine until you over do it. Link exchange to same niche blogs is considered fine. Google webmaster says "excessive link exchange" is a violation. Keep in mind the term "excessive".

♦ Guest Posting. Guest posting is most widely used link building strategy. However, large scale article marketing or Guest posting campaigns with keyword rich anchor text links is a violation to the terms of Google and will negatively affect your link building process.

♦ Creating automated links. Using some automated program/javascripts for link building is a violation.

♦ Low quality bookmarking. Submitting links to low quality directories and bookmarking sites can also negatively affect your link building program.

♦ Too much internal linking. Internal linking is a best way of flow control to other articles in your blog. It reduces bounce rate and guide visitor from one article to another. However, too much linking has negative effects.

♦ Forums. If you are active in forums and creating backlinks in your signature, you need to be cautious. Too much will eventually lead to performance degradation in search results.

♦ Distributing links in some free stuffs. Some webmasters give free themes as a part of giveaway programs and link back their blog in footer or some part of it. Some even build apps or gadgets with a linking back to their blog. This is considered as a violation.

Link building is great way of improving your site's performance. The only thing to be kept in mind is that the backlinks you get should be authentic, genuine and as natural as possible. This can only be achieved if you write great contents so that people around the globe don't feel bad while linking back to you.


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  1. Hey, Nice awareness points your have shared on search engine optimization. Thanks for your information to avoid such a penalization issue.