Number of AdSense Ads per Page.

Google AdSense is the best monetizing program in the market and most of the bloggers use it to make money from their blog. However, some of them are not utilizing it to its full potential. Google AdSense allows multiple ad units per page and placing more than one ads on your blog will increase your earning since more ads means more clicks and hence greater earnings.

Most AdSense users don't know the number of AdSense ads per page. In this post, I am going to tell you the number of AdSense ad units allowed.

AdSense for Content units.

Google AdSense allows 3 AdSense for content ad unit on one page. You can only have one 300x600 ad unit per page. No other ad units have any limitations and you can select any ad unit according to your preference and your site's design.

AdSense for Content
If you place more than one AdSense for content ad units in your blog, AdSense will show different ads in these ad units. If there is no ads to show to the visitors of your blog, it will show a blank space or will show an alternate ad if you have opted for it during ad creation.

AdSense link units.

Google AdSense allows a maximum of 3 link units on one page. AdSense link units contain links
AdSense link units.

AdSense for Search.

You can put maximum of 2 search boxes in your blog.

AdSense search Box
So, altogether you are allowed to put 3 AdSense for content units along with 3 link units and 2 search boxes.

However, you should keep in mind that the page must comply with Google program policies. Putting too much ads on your page will lead to a bad user experience since your blog may look only-for-ads and you may loose a visitors forever. So, choose the number of AdSense ads per page very carefully according to site's structure and design and your preferences.


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