What is Domain Authority.

Domain Authority is the Moz's prediction of how well a web page will rank in search engines. Higher value of Domain Authority means better ranking of websites as compared to other blogs/ sites with same content and backlinks.

Domain authority is 0-100 scale. Higher the authority, better is the rankings in search engines. Domain Authority is a logarithmic metrics. Its more difficult to increase domain authority from 40 to 50 than from 10 to 20.

domain authority
Google's domain authority is 100/100.

Domain Authority is based on several factors like link counts, MozRank, Moz Trust Score, linking root domains and a dozen other factors.

▌ Improve your Domain Authority

Build inbound links. One of the major factors that decide your domain authority is the number of links coming from high authority websites. You will got an inbound link from a higher authority site only if you have valuable content and useful information. The point to be kept in mind is that the links should come from "popular sites".

Increase content. The size of your blog will contribute to your improved domain authority. A blog with many articles, unique and relevant will surely rank higher in search engines.

Authority requires time. You must have seen different blogs ranking on first page for an article written 2-3 hours ago and you can guess, it is not going to happen for a new blog. An older blog is going to be much favorable brand than a new one. There is not much you can do about this point so just go on publishing great articles, both unique and relevant.

The best way to achieve a higher Domain Authority is to improve overall Search Engine Optimization. Particularly, you should focus on link building from blogs with better rankings and domain authority.

Building IN-bound links require:

♦ Linking not just your home URL but different contents and using proper anchor text to link them. Anchor texts are of most importance while backlinking. 

♦ Internal linking. Internal linking tells search engines crawlers about the pages which it cannot crawl or missed.

♦ Use diversified linking. Getting all your back links from the same blog is not going to benefit you much. Using different blogs, with higher domain authority is recommended. 

▌ Domain Authority Checker.

You can check your domain authority at open site explorer website: www.opensiteexplorer.org

 You can read review of Open Site Explorer here.


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