Google Banned My AdSense Account - Reasons.

I have heard people saying - Google banned my AdSense account without any reasons. Do you think an authority like Google will ban an account without any proof? The answer is certainly NO. Lets look at the reasons that may possibly ban your AdSense account.
Google AdSense
Google AdSense

Mind you, once you are banned from AdSense, you are banned from AdSense for lifetime. So, even if you are an active AdSense publisher, you must keep these points in mind in order to avoid the termination of your account.

▌ Invalid clicks and impressions.

Google is strict towards invalid clicks and impressions. You cannot use any tool (some sort of scripts) to click on your ads or generate impressions. You will most probably be banned from AdSense if you click on your own ads. Google monitors every clicks and impressions and you cannot hide something from them.

Asking someone to click on your ads as a favor or in return for some price is not permitted. Your AdSense account may get banned if you are using words like "click here", "support us" or something that makes your visitors click on your ads.

Google wants it genuine. Both the traffic and clicks or impressions must generate naturally in order to avoid any AdSense ban.

▌ Content.

One best feature of AdSense is that if you are approved for a website for once, you do not need to reapply for your other blogs. However, as I said Google tracks each and every website and traffic to the website before it will pay you. So, avoid placing ads that contains Adult or Violent contents.

• Some niche which may lead to your AdSense ban includes
• Pornography or adult content.
• Violent or hate contents.
• Hacking stuffs.
• Sales of beers, drugs or tobacco related products.
• Sales of weapons.
• Gambling contents.

▌ Traffic guidelines.

You may not place AdSense ads on blogs that participates in programs like Paid-to-click or Paid-to-surf. Your traffic needs to be natural coming from Social Media, Search Engines or direct. If you noticing any unusual traffic sources in your dashboard, you need to be careful. There are people out there who will find blogs with AdSense and generate multiple clicks or impressions through some bots. If you notice any such behavior, remove AdSense code from your blog as soon as possible and wait till everything is okay or you will end up with a Banned AdSense account.

 ▌ Ad behavior and  placement.

• You are not allowed to modified AdSense code in order to improve your clicks or which inflate ad performances.

• You cannot place AdSense ads in pop-ups or integrate into a software application.

• You cannot distribute your AdSense ads in emails, chat boxes or any non-content site's page.

▌ Privacy Policy.

Google asks you to put up a privacy policy for a blog mentioning that third party may use or store cookies in your browser and collect information in order to show relevant ads.

There are several third part privacy policy generator that will ask your basic info and generate a privacy policy for you. You can use them if you are not too technical.

▌ Number of Ads per page.

Google restricts number of ads that can be displayed on a page. They may ban your AdSense account if you have placed more than the allowed ads per page.

Read more: Number of AdSense ads per page.

Hope you have a great time with Google. Make some money with them :)


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