How to Increase Your Chitika Earnings.

I have applied for Chitika lately with the belief of earning some money from my blog. And they have not disappointed me till now. Chitika is the best AdSense alternative today in the market. There are others, but the rates are not fine.

Frankly, Chitika is no match to AdSense. No other advertising program will match AdSense earnings. But chitika can be seen as an AdSense alternatives.

There are some positive points regarding them.

♦ They approve almost instantly.

♦ They do not have any minimum requirements. If you have a blog working, you are IN.

♦ They pay you for international traffic.

♦ They have almost a 100% fill rates, that means everytime your blog shows up to someone, ads will be there and you are earning.

However, you won't really see much earning from chitika unless you have huge traffic to your blog. The rates are not as high.You need to have a lots and lots of traffic before you really can make some money from Chitika.

In this post, I am gonna discuss the points that may improve your earning from chitika.

▌ Improve your Earnings from Chitika.

♦ Target US, UK, and Canada visitors. The rates from these countries are much higher as compared to other countries. The Cost per click are much higher.

♦ Utilize all Chitika resources. Chitika allows 3 ads per page. More ads means more Clicks and more earnings. They even have in-text and hover ads that you can implement in your blog. These will earn you some extra money.

♦ Large traffic. Frankly, you need a lots of visitors to see money in your account. The CPM rates are not even half to AdSense (but they are better than much AdSense alternatives) and you will require a huge traffic to your blog.

♦ Niche like Insurance, Law, Technology, Gadgets or Product based blogs tends to earn more from Chitika.

♦ Chitika ads work well with AdSense. So, you may give a try to them even if you are an AdSense publisher by replacing one of your AdSense ad units by Chitika.

♦ Use more common ad units and keep it there for a while. I have noticed whenever I replace an old one with a new ad unit, my earning drops and I attract a lesser Cost per Click for the ads.

       Chitika has been in the advertising market for a long time and has worked well for some of the best bloggers on web, like the owner of Derren Rowse.

It may work for you too, if you have good amount of traffic and you practice the above points.

Do you have any other points in your mind which increased your earnings from Chitika? How was your experience with them? Do share with us.


ambarish kumar

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  1. Yes, indeed Chitika is the best alternative to Google Ad Sense although they pay very less per click but worth using it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah buddy.. There isn't any competitive AdSense alternatives and chitika is the best among the others.