PageRank News - Is PageRank Obsolete?

With Google saying it will no more announce any PageRank update this year, most webmasters are feeling that it may be the beginning of the end. PageRank has been an importance metrics for any blog and somewhat affects the search engine optimization process too.

According to WikiPedia,
PageRank is an algorithm used by the Google web search engine to rank websites in their search engine results.
PageRank worked on the backlinks factor. If a site has more number of links pointing to it on web than another site, this algorithm will rank the first page higher than the second one.

Google PageRank- is it the end?
Google PageRank- is it the end?

The major problem with PageRank was that it was prone to manipulation. Bloggers all around the world in order to achieve high rank created thousands of back links overnight with free or paid services.

In order to fight this black hat link building technique, Google introduced algorithm where poor links were penalized. However, the process still went on.

▌ Is it the end of PageRank? 

PageRank has been a major factor of determining site's popularity. May be, its an end of PageRank. However, Google said it is still a ranking factor along with more than two hundreds other factor.

No one can't really predict whether its an end to PageRank. May be, Google will redesign it and improvise it some way.

There are other metrics that is replacing PageRank. Moz's Domain and Page Authority is one such factor. 

What do you think about it? Do share your views and guesses.


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  1. Page Rank has been a serious issue of deciding site's quality. May be, its AN finish of pagerank.