Tips to Increase Your Google Plus Page Followers.

Why Google Plus is necessary for SEO.

Google Plus is one of the best social networking media in order to market contents and engage with people. Being the third largest social media after Facebook and Twitter you can't really enjoy to ignore it. Moreover, Google has been constantly updating its rankings algorithm and it is predicted being predicted that Google+ presence will play a major role in coming days in search engine results. Seeing the authorship and followers number in results only prove the point.

Google Authorship.

Google shows the profile picture of your Google+ profile in search results when someone finds your blog in results.

For example, when you will discover my blog in Google search results, you will find something like this.

Google Search Results showing followers.

You may also see that Google tells the searcher the number of followers you have on the search results. If I see some posts with authorship and a good number of Google+ followers I will surely go for it rather than some blog with no followers list.

Personalized results.

If someone is following you on Google+ and uses Google to search for something related to your niche, you will get an advantage in the search results. This personalised results will ensure that someone following you or your page will always find your article normally higher in results than otherwise.

How to Increase Your Google Plus Page Followers.

Google Plus
Google Plus page can be an important medium to market your content. However, the social media is all about the numbers. Higher the number of followers you or your page have, the more traffic you will generate from it. In this article, I am going to tell you some of the important factors that will contribute in increasing your Google Plus page followers.

Build your page.

Give your readers something valuable. You won't get much page followers unless you have something on your page's feed. Build your contents and optimize your page first.

People on Google+ are very much tech savvy and your blank page feed won't really help in attracting followers.

Even a contextual bio and display pic is necessary for your page.

Put a Google Plus Badge on your blog.

Put a Google+ followers gadget on your blog. If you are in blogosphere for sometime then you must have build your own readers base. Putting your Google Plus badge will ensure that people do follow your Page who already have been your loyal readers.

Use other social media.

If you are in blogging, you must be using different social media in order to market your content. Ask your friends and mates to join you on Google+. Tell them you have created a new page and send them an invite. Invite your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn connections to join you and your page in Google+.

You can even ask your friends to share your page link to their walls to reach to maximum people.

Invite for hangouts.

Hangouts is the what makes G+ stand out from other social media. People can participate in hangouts and can discuss topics and share their views. Hangouts can be a great way of increasing your Google Plus followers. Be ready to conduct hangouts on different topics related to your niche and ask for maximum participation. Although, a maximum of 10 users can only participate at once, the video streaming can be seen by any number of viewers. Bloggers often find visual things more informative.

Hangouts are a great medium to reach out to new audience. You can always record videos and share them to your circles. The chances of being shared increases tremendously if a video is shared as compared to other static links.

Use hashtags in your page descriptions and in promotions.

Frankly, Hashtags is a great feature to connect to right audience. People search for trending topics, pages, groups and peoples and hashtags ensures your visibility in these searches. Using hashtags in your page's bio is an important part to reach to those people who are searching your topics.

Include maximum Hashtags in your page's bio. Although, Google+ use tags automatically from the description you use for any links, you may use hashtags according your preference too. Using a hash (#) in front of a word will make it search valuable.

Engage with people.

Found someone's link on your page informative? Why not to share it, like it or at least leave a comment praising him? You can do so to promote engagement in your page. I sometimes find pages with more than a thousand followers but nothing has been shared from a week. I know this is not the right place for me. Don't make your page look like that. These +s and comments will ensure input from the followers too.

Followers make followers.

The number of present followers will decide if someone who is anonymous to you and discovered your page in results will join or not. You won't get more than a thousand visitors on the first day. Increasing your followers from 0-1000 will be much harder than from 1000-2000. The reason is that people when find a page with already a thousand visitor, then won't think much before joining. You just have to deliver some best articles and keep engaging your followers through quizzes and questions. You may ask their advice on small topics and even create a healthy discussion in your page. So, increase your Google Plus gradually and you will see that it starts attracting followers on its own.


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