Top 3 AdSense Alternatives that Pays.

Are you searching for AdSense alternatives? Have you been banned or they didn't approve your blog? If you are reading this article, then perhaps you are one of those thousands of publisher whom AdSense banned without any warning or didn't approved it at first place. Earning from blogging is never that easy.

I was one such victim of AdSense ban. Worked for two months and made a handy 56$ from AdSense and then one day, received a mail from Google telling me that I have been "disallowed" from the program. I was not able to figure out the reason. They said, I can appeal to them and they will see it. I did that. And I got an automatically generated mail from them that my appeal has been rejected and now no more appeals will be entertained.

Does no AdSense means no earnings? Yes, for the first few days. I searched for the alternatives all around. Signed up with several advertising programs and implemented on my blog and what I saw was almost all were no where near to AdSense.

But there has to be some alternatives. In the list of programs I tried, some programs does show me a good cpm. Mind you, by Good CPM, I don't say anywhere near to AdSense.

Here's a list of AdSense alternatives that I tried and that earned me, although I am still unable to get my first check from some of these.

They are the first in the list. If you are lucky they will pay you more than AdSense. Did you read "Lucky"? Yep. I signed with them, put their ads on my blog, and they earned me double than AdSense for the first month. And then the CPM died. It went to zero. solution. solution.
 So, why I am suggesting it to you? Because I have seen my friends earning from them. Some of my friends have made real money with them and are very much happy with their service. So, you may try them for a week and see if its working for you.

Infolinks are in-text advertising that pays you on the basis of Ad views. I have been using Infolinks and constantly getting a CPM of about 0.8$ per thousand ad views. When I calculated it in terms of Page views, it rounded to 0.3$/thousand visitors. Not bad unless you don't have a good traffic.

 Infolinks works best for some niche like Insurance, Gadgets and Windows updates.

Here is a list of Infolinks High Paying keywords which you may use in your articles to earn a higher CPM.

Chitika is one of the best AdSense alternatives that pays. It has been used by a large section of bloggers and those guys are satisfied with Chitika.

You can see that I have implemented Chitika ads on my blog lately and hoping to earn some money from them .They are fine if you have high traffic and that too from tier 1 countries like US, UK and Canada. If you are getting your traffic mostly from search engines, then you have a greater chance of earning with them.

Read more: How to increase your Chitika earnings.

      You can try these for your blog. There are many other advertising programs that may work better for you according to your niche and the optimization techniques you follow to boost up your earnings. Hope this list of AdSense alternatives will work for you.

Do you have any other Advertising program that is paying you? Do share your experience with our readers.


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