Value Click Media - CPM Ad Network Review.

Value Click Media is a well known ad network since 1998 and has been one of the best CPM ad networks in the market. They have some of the best quality advertisers and provides you a better support system. They are not so difficult in accepting websites and have a lower site's specifications.

Value Click Media : CPM network
Value Click Media : CPM network.

Why you may prefer a CPM ad network? 

The advantage of CPM ad networks is that they pay out for impressions rather than clicks or actions. Whenever your website receives an impressions, you make some money. If you have a good number of daily visitor to your blog and not finding any Cost per click programs working for you, you may try Value Click Media CPM network. You may try them along with any other Pay per click programs to make some additional money.

One sure thing about CPM ad networks is that you don't have to worry about improving your click through rate.


The biggest limitations in making money from any CPM ad network is the traffic. The rates are gonna be low and you will need tonnes of traffics in order to see some earning in your account. Anything above 0.25$ per thousand impressions is considered good and now you may decide how much difficult it is to make money from them.

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Value Click Media - CPM Ad Network.

Site's requirements: 

♦ 0They do not allow websites with adult, sexual or drug related contents, hate speeches or hate graphics contents.

 ♦ Pirating, hacking stuffs, spamming contents are not approved.

♦ They will not approve blogspot or any other free hosted service. However, if you have purchased a domain for your blogspot blog, you may apply.

♦ Your website should be working and must not be under construction status.

♦ Forums and chat boards are not allowed.

♦ They do not accept non-english websites

♦ They extensively ask for a privacy policy, hence you must put a privacy policy before applying to them.

♦ Your blog must receives more than 3000 page views per month to be accepted by them.

Minimum Payout.

♦ The minimum payout for Value Click Media is 25$.

♦ Payout methods available are PayPal, Check, Direct Deposits.

♦ If you reach your minimum earnings, it will be processed on 20th of the next month. So, you have to wait for an additional 20 days before receiving your checks.

Other Information.

They have Banner, Interstitial, Floating, Pop Under Ads.

Do you have any experience with them? Or do you use any other CPM ad network that works fine for you? Please share your experience in comments.

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