How to build your Email subscriber list and why.

Email marketing is a direct marketing service in which you use emails to market your contents, product or services or to engage with your audience. It can be used to distribute contents, market your blogs or promote sales through affiliate marketing.

Growing up an email list is one of the hardest thing in your blogging campaign and in this post, I am going to discuss the importance of building one such subscriber list and the steps that may help you.

Why you need to build an email list

The basic reason for developing an email list is the fact that it is direct-to-people service. Email will get delivered to the people who are in your subscriber list and will remain in their mail box unless deleted by them. To better understand - Compare the number of times you click on a link posted on a Facebook page you are following to that of a mail you have received. 

The second important reason is that your email list is highly targeted. People who subscribe to your blog must be (highly) interested in your content and hence gave you the permission to deliver your content directly to them.

How to build a successful email list

Redirect your readers to the sign up  page.
When a user reacts to your contents through either a comment or a contact form, you can always redirect them to a custom landing page asking them to register to your blog to receive all your contents.

Give something valuable for free.
You can always attract people to subscribe to your email list by offering them something free like an ebook, free promotion for their blog for a day to your readers, a backlink on your blog or any services like providing a free optimization solution to the subscriber.
You may even organize giveaways where participators need to subscribe to your email list before participation. 

Placing a banner on your blog.
A right sidebar 300x250 banner will do the job. You may go to pop-ups that asks exclusively to respond to the subscribing option. Various studies has proven that the chances of your readers subscribing to your blog is 3 times through a pop-up as compared to a banner placed anywhere on your blog. However, some people find these subscribing pop-ups a bit frustrating and you may lose some readers on your way. The trade off has to be made.
Make your sign-up form more obvious. People don't look for the sign-up form in blogs.  

Offer your readers valuable contents.
If your readers find something valuable and rich-quality content, they will subscribe to your blog to receive all of your contents in future. Offering high quality content is the best way you can attract your people to subscribe.

Convert your social subscribers to an email list.
You can convert your social media followers to subscribe to your email list by asking them exclusively. Chances are that people following you are already aware of your blog and are regular readers. These people will surely won't mind to receive the content they are looking for in their mail boxes. You can promote your sign-up form on social media platforms like Google+, Facebook, Twitter making a generous request to subscribe to your blog so that the content is delivered right into their mail box.

Getting an email marketing software.

There are various email marketing software available in the marketing with different pricing plans. 


They are the best in the market. They have an effective, affordable email marketing service. The main features include over 600 ready-to-use templates that makes it easy to create professional looking emails. They have a great email delivery system and you can use autoresponder service to deliver a sequence of messages automatically. They have great signup forms too.

Aweber Email Marketing Service
Aweber Email Marketing Service
The best part is they have a service called RSS to email that turns your latest blog posts into an email newsletter and will send it to all the subscribers.

Pricing: $1 for the first month. $19 per month for following months for less than 500 subscribers. For more than 500 subscribers, these are the rates: 

501-2500 subscribers - $29.
2501-5000 subscribers - $49
5001-10,000 subscribers - $69
10,001-25000 subscribers - $149


With MailChimp, you can send targeted messages to your subscribers. You can pick a predesigned template or use the email designer to create beautiful, mobile friendly newsletters.

MailChimp is preferred by most of the small bloggers due to the fact that it offers a free service for less than 2000 subscribers. You can send at most 12,000 emails per month for free forever. 

MailChimp Email Marketing Service
MailChimp Email Marketing Service
For 0-500 subscribers with unlimited mails per month, you need to pay $10. The other pricing offer includes: 

501-1000 subscribers -  $15.
1001-1050 subscribers - $20

You can purchase email credits to send additional emails. For more details you can visit their pricing options on the website:

Other services: There are many other email marketing services like GetResponse. You can select according to your preferences and your budget.

At Last: Building an email subscriber list is as important as building your traffic. Email subscribers are much more targeted and are of high quality than the followers you will have on any social media sites. Start working on building a subscriber list and engaging directly with your followers. 



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