Top 6 CPM advertising networks for year 2014

Are you planning to switch over to CPM advertising networks to make money for your blog? Is Pay-per-Click not performing well for you? Or do you want to earn some extra revenue along with AdSense?

CPM advertising network is all about impressions. You are paid each time an ad is served to your readers, there is no need of any clicks being generated on these ads. However, the traffic is the main demand for CPM advertising networks.

Here's a list of Top 6 CPM advertising networks that you may try out in the year 2014 to earn some extra revenue or even to switch from traditional Cost Per Click networks to Cost per Impressions.

1. Tribal Fusion

2. Casale Media

3. Lijit

4.Value Click Media


6. Adtegrity

Notes: These are the best CPM advertising networks that you may give a try. I have tried value click media and lijit and I personally suggest Lijit if you have a good traffic from US, UK and Canada.
If you have high traffic, go for Casale media, Tribal Fusion and

What you need to know about CPM advertising networks?

1. You need a lots of traffic. If you think you can earn with 300visitors/day, then perhaps CPM networks is not for you. Anything above 1k visitors / day is the starting point.

2. Most of the CPM ad networks have high site requirements. Building your site before applying is a necessity.

3. CPM ads gives you the benefits of earning each time your ads are shown to your visitors irrespective of whether any click is generated or not. So, you are earning each time someone visits your blog.

4. People are getting banner blind since majority of the blogs shows the same right sidebar ads, hence attracting less clicks. The click through rates are dropping continuously and hence CPM networks has emerged as the best alternatives.

Last words: I missed any cpm ad network? Are you using any other CPM Ad network other than these 6 CPM ad networks. Do tell us in the comment section.


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    They manage modern digital solutions such as: In-image ads, Native ads, among others,
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