Adversal Publisher Network Site Requirements and Review

Adversal is one of the leading advertising network in the market with good CPM rates. It is a CPM network that pays on Cost per Impressions rather than clicks or sales. Adversal has been the choice for a large number of webmasters and the only reason is that it's easy to use dashboard and high cpm rates.

The biggest problem with any CPM advertising networks is the low CPM rates they offer. However, with Adversal you can hope to get a reasonable rate.


Multiple ad units - They have a wide variety ad formats available.

100% fill rates - With 100% fill rates, you will always be sure to earn from each visits. Many of the CPM networks offers good CPM rates, however they have very poor fill rates.

Minimum payout is low - There minimum payout is 20$, quite easy to reach.

Payout terms - They pay on Net-35 basis and have PayPal, Bank Wire or check as payment options.

Affiliate programs - They also have an affiliate program where you will earn 10% of whatever people joining under your affiliate link earn.

Minimum Site Requirements for Publisher

Blog must be complete and running for a month.

Original and high quality content.

No adult contents.

Spam websites are not accepted.

Must not be a part of Paid-to-surf or click programs.

Sites that supports image hosting, file upload services, URL shortening services, proxy websites, a toolbar or plugin are not allowed.

Site must not contain excessive advertising.

Legally questionable websites are not accepted like hacking/cracking blogs, excessive vulgar language websites, weapons related blogs and sites, illegal pirated contents etc.

Blog must meet a traffic requirement of minimum 50,000 page views / month.

How to join

You can join Adversal publisher network here.

I have been rejected. What to do know? 

If you are rejected by Adversal Publisher Network, you will receive a mail and the reason as to why your application is rejected. Improve your blog accordingly and re-apply after a month. They allow re-submission after 30days.

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Final Words: Getting accepted is tough for Adversal Publisher Network with a minimum of 50,000 page views / month. However, once accepted its quite possible to earn a good amount of money with them with 100% fill rates.


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