How to check your blog's MozRank

MozRank is a link popularity score given by MOZ. It signifies the importance of any page and is given out of 10. The higher the MozRank, the better it is. MozRank is a logarithmic scale, i.e. it is easier improve your MozRank from 2 to 3 than from 6 to7.

The only way to improve your MozRank is by getting lots of backlinks to your blog from popular and semi popular websites / blogs.

Lets say you have a MozRank 0. Now, getting a few links from blogs that have high MozRank (say 6-7-8) will improve your MozRank more as compared to getting the same amount of link from lower MozRank websites. So, in order to rank high, all you have to do is find high ranking blogs and create inbound links either link swapping, guest posting or commenting.

In this article, I am only describing a way to check your blog's MozRank. There are several third party sites that checks the MozRank of your blog and I am talking about one of them.

How to check your blog's MozRank. 

# Go to to check your blog's MozRank.

# Enter your domain name.

I am checking the MozRank for my blog

# You will see the MozRank of your blog.

MozRank for my blog is 3.50. Its still on the lower side and I am hoping to improve it. Moz in its MozRank introduction says that an average MozRank of a normal page on the Internet is 3. That means I am a little ahead of Normat :)

Did you check your blog's MozRank? Share with us.


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