How to make money with Infolinks

Infolinks is a great way to monetize your blog. With Google AdSense getting more strict in approving small blogs these day, Infolinks is serving both a replacement and a complementary solution to the AdSense money making program.

How you make money with Infolinks.

Infolinks is a CPM advertising network i.e. it pays on according to ad views. The more ad-views you generate, the more money you will make with Infolinks.

Infolinks is basically an in-text advertising network. It selects keywords from your blog and associate an ad with it. Whenever a visitor hovers his mouse over these ads, you will earn some cents. There are other monetizing options like in-tag, in-search and in-frame. You can read more of it on infolinks website Infolinks for publishers.

The best part of Infolinks is that it is a CPM network. You do not need to wait till someone clicks on your ads or any sales is generated.

How much you can make money with Infolinks.

The answer to this question is the amount of traffic you have. Higher the traffic more you will earn. The normal CPM rates for Infolinks has been 0.5$/1000 adviews for me. Once, I calculated it according to the impressions of my blog rather than ads and the number was reduced to 0.23$. That means on an average I earn 0.25$ / 1000 visitors.

Note: I calculated it according to number of visitors. However, Infolinks pays on ad views. If you get 1000 visitors and no ad views you will not earn.

Why Infolinks and not any other in-text advertising programs to make money.

There are different factors which influence the success of an advertising program for you. Infolinks is a great way to make money since it accepts all country traffic, easy to integrate, the approval criteria is minimal and counts all impressions.
According to my niche and the source and amount of traffic I receive, Infolinks performed better for me.

Infolinks can be used with AdSense?

Yes. Infolinks can be used along with AdSense to make some extra money. They can be used with any other advertising solutions. I recommend you to try it out.

How you can make maximum money with Infolinks.

There is no fixed defined steps to earn more money. However these steps will make more money for you.

Implement all Infolinks products - in-text, in-tag, in-search, and in-frame.

Customize your infolinks text with the same color of your blog's text.

Selecting dotted pattern instead of double underlined performs better since it do not gives an impression that it is an ad.

Generate more traffic to earn more money.

Final Words: If you are banned from AdSense, you can try Infolinks to make money. You can use it along with AdSense to make money.


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