PageRank update on 6th December 2013

Amidst all predictions and Matt Cutts saying - he will be surprised if there is any PageRank update in year 2013, Google finally rolled out its much awaited PageRank update on 6th December 2013. Some webmasters achieved more than what they expected while some of them were disappointed by the results.

What is PageRank? 

Google PageRank update

PageRank is a 10 point grading scale from Google to measure the importance of a page. It was initially an important factor in determining the search engine ranking of a page in Google Search Results. Google has gradually sidelined its importance as a ranking factor however Google still says PageRank is one of the more than two hundred ranking factors.

How to check PageRank? 

There are numerous websites that may tell you your PageRank. Google used to provide a PageRank toolbar which has been discontinued lately. So, these sites are the only options to check your PageRank.

You can check your PageRank pr checker.

How to Improve your PageRank? 

PageRank is a less important factor these days as a ranking factor, however it still is. The major concern for new bloggers is to improve their PageRank.

PageRank is all about Link building. The more inbound links you have from high PageRank websites/blog, the more you will get your PageRank.Writing high quality content will result in these high PageRank sites linking back to your content. The most natural way to improve your PageRank is to create genuine, quality and unique contents.

You can do it manually too. You may search for high PageRank blogs that accepts Guest Posts and submit your articles to them. Guest posting allows you to put your links in either the content itself or in the Author Bio section.

You can also do it by searching Do Follow commentLuv enabled blogs and commenting on them.

So, what's your rank? 

PageRank was updated on 6tht December 2013. How much you got out of 10?. Share along with your blog's address in the comments.
Since, I am using Blogger's default comment section chances are that putting links in comments may land your comment in spam folder. Don't worry about it. I will restore it as soon as I discover it :)


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