Where to put keywords on your blog.

Keyword placement is an important part of On page Search Engine Optimization. In this article, I assume that you have the list of phrases for which you want to rank higher and you are searching the place to put these keywords in your posts.

For a blogger, its difficult to decide where to put keywords on your blog and keyword placement is an important aspect that affects your rankings in search engines.

When you build up a keyword list, the next question is to where to put these keywords on your blog. I am not going into the details in this post, rather only mentioning the places which you can use to put up these phrases.

Once in your article's Titles. Titles are the most important place to put your keywords. Always stick to using your best phrase in your titles and creating an interesting and compelling title.

In your article's URL. Try to build up the URL according to the title you have chosen for your post. Using hyphen in between words is a better idea than using underscores since Google treats hyphen equivalent to a space.

The title, part of the URL which has been searched, and the keyword phrase in the content has been in bold in search engine results - showing the importance. 

In meta-description. Although Google do not use meta-description for rankings any more, still its valuable in increasing your click through rate in search results. Include a combination of your keywords in meta descriptions.

In header tags <h1>, <h2>, <h3>. You can always include your keyword phrase in header and sub header tags in your post body.

2-3 times per 100 words you write. 2-3% is the ideal keyword density. Including your phrase once for every 50 words is always promoted.

Once in bold, italics and underlined (separately). <strong> and <b> tags are treated equivalent, so you can chose either one. Put your best keyword phrase once in bold, italics, and underlined.

In images alt tags. You can put your keywords in the image alternate texts which is used by the spiders to know about the image and even rank it in Google image results.

In anchor text. Including your article's URL with your keywords as anchor text. However, preacution mmust be taken to not to link the article within the same article. Linking an article "A" in the itself may have negative effect in seo. You still can link your article in another article "B".

Final Words: These are the 8 best places to put your keywords on your blog. Did I miss something? How many of these do you consider while your keyword research and placement?


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