Make money from Chitika - CPM analysis.

Chitika provides a combination of CPC, CPM and CPA ads and you are paid accordingly. However, I personally wanted to earn only through the CPM advertising since the clicks these adverts generated on my blog was not so considerable due to my blog niche. So, I asked chitika about how I can limit the ads to only pay-per-impression rather than the combination of all these ads and they told me how-to do it. You have to send a minimum of thousand impressions before they will start showing pay per impressions ads on your blog. They will till then analyze your blog for proper categories and the traffic quality.


Make money from Chitika - on CPM basis.

The rich media ads served from Chitika on your blog pays on impression basis. By default, Chitika shows a combination of the normal ads + rich media ads depending upon the availability and according to their some sort of algorithm. The good part is you can limit the ads displayed on your blog to only "rich media ads" show that each time an ad is shown, you are paid.

Enable Rich Media Ads

Navigate to Ads > Settings.

You will find that "Rich Media Ads" are by default preferred as Mixed. Change it to Always and save.

From now onwards, only CPM ads will be displayed on your blog. 

Important points regarding Rich Media Text. 

1. The fill rate may not be 100%. You might see some of your impressions counting out without any ads. However, gradually you will see a better fill rate.
2. Chitika will ask you to send a minimum of thousand raw impressions before they can server the Rich Media Ads on your blog. So you won't earn for the first thousand impressions.
3. Switching to only Rich Media Ads is not advisable if you have low traffic. Making money from CPM ads require a good amount of traffic.
4. If your blog is engaging and adverts receives good click through rate, then perhaps you should not switch.

Final Words: Do you use any money making CPM advertising networks? With Chitika, the rates are somewhat between $ 0.10 - 0. 18 per thousand impressions. How much your advertising network paying to you.

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