How to Change Blogger's Default Template.

This topic has been over written on web and still I find that many new bloggers working on Google Blogger platform don't know how to change blogger template.

In this short post, I will tell you how to change blogger template and replace the default templates with the third party templates which looks more professional and elegant.

Lets first discuss why their is a need to change blogger template. The most important reason to change blogger template is that Google Blogger Templates has not been updated for a while and the old templates have lost their relevance in today's scenario with WordPress having professional themes.

Blogger however implemented dynamic templates but almost all the bloggers avoid these dynamic templates since they do not allow javascripts and hence people cannot put up an ad and make money from blogging.

The benefit with the third party templates is that some of them are SEO friendly and AdSense ready. Some of them will give your blog a professional look and  may attract more visitors to your blog.

▌ How to change blogger template - steps. 

♦ Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template.

♦ Click on Backup / Restore on the right corner of your dashboard.

♦ A window will open. Now download a copy of template so that in case anything goes wrong, you have a back up of your blog.

♦ Browse the template with which you want replace the existing template and upload it.

♦ The template will upload and you are done.

▌ How to restore blogger template. 

To restore blogger template, you just have to follow the same process as described above.

       Personally, I feel its time for blogger to update the template section. What do you say? 


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