How to get more comments on your blog

Do you have a blog with enough comment and you are still not seeing user interaction in the comments? Comments are a great way to read your audience mind and to build up a positive conversation that results into a genuinity of a blog/website. If you are not happy with the number of comments on your blog, perhaps you should start paying attention to it. There are some general practice/points which you can follow to get more comments on your blog. In this article, I am discussing some of the points.

Why comments are a positive things (if it is)?

The answer is simple. You must have sometimes landed on a blog and read the complete article, and then hover down to read the comments to see if what's been written is accepted/declined by the readers. Comments are the best way through which your readers share their opinions and show their respect/acceptance/denial to the words you have put in the article. In addition, comments can sometime be a motivational factor for you to work harder on your blog. People in the blogosphere do tends to praise something that clear their doubts.

How to get more comments on your blog. 

So, the question if how you can get more comments on your blog. Well, it's not in your hand. You can ask your readers directly to post a comment and I'm very much sure anyone will hardly give any attention to it. Its the way of writing and the way you ask your readers to continue the article you have written in the comments that can lead to more comments on your blog. Lets discuss the points on by one to get more comments on your blog.

1. Write an awesome article

Yes, if your reader is not satisfied with what he has just read, you won't get any comment. Even if someone writes it, there are more chances of a negative one. Do you wish to have a negative comment on your blog for which you have devoted your your time? Certainly not. So, try to ending up writing a good quality article that solves the query of your reader.

2. Ask your readers / engage with them.

You can always ask small things in your article from your readers and ask them to put their responses in the comments. Like, ending an article on smartphone review with "do you think this phone will serve your purpose", or "if you have got one, how is it performing for you". These questions lead to more comments on your blog.

3. Use a good comments system

Do not be satisfied with the Blogger's commenting system if you want more comments on your blog. Blogger has evolved a lot over the years, but the commenting system is still 100 years old. You can use intense debate / commentLuv / Disquss commenting system and there are numerous tutorials over the web that can easily guild you to integrate in your blogger blog. WordPress has got a better default commenting system along with the options I just  mentioned.

4. Create some positive controversies

People just love to contradict. Yes, you read it right. Creating a controversy over the blog will help you getting more comments. However, be sure not to over do that and have a mix opinion while putting a controversial things. Let your readers discuss and be aggressive. You mustn't yourself.

5. Reply to the comments

Be responsive to the comments you receive. This will give a positive indication to your readers that you pay attention to the comments and their voice will reach to you.

Final Words: These 5 points are the basic practices you can follow to engage your readers and to receive more comments on your blog. Do you have any other points that I missed? You got it write, I am asking you to put them in the comments. 

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  1. Great Article. I like your approche with your reader. Thank you