The Delicate World of AdSense- Do’s and Don’ts

AdSense is a program run by Google that allows the Google Network publishers to support and provide advertisements in the form of texts and media to target groups to get better traffic. The advertisements follow a proper algorithm of being sorted and handled by Google and no matter how smart one might feel he is to trick AdSense into trying to make more money, there are a few do’s and don’ts every business should remember when dealing with AdSense as a marketing technique.
Here are a few Golden Rules to working with AdSense, to help you increase the cost per click:

Watch what you click
The Google algorithm is very particular about who is clicking your ads. The biggest blunder most beginners make is asking their relatives and circle of friends to click on the ads. This is a big no and will lead to a ban on your AdSense Account. Doing so would result in fraudulent clicking and can land you into pretty thick soup. The clicks should always be authentic and organic to get the best returns.

Patience is Key
Most people enter the Google AdSense arena with the mind-set that it will lead to sky rocketing returns in no time and it’s a great way to mint money. This is far from the truth. AdSense requires patience and time. You need to invest in time in order for the returns to fully materialise and you cannot have a money making attitude towards it if you want to reap the benefits of your labour, you need to have endurance.

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Play to Your Strengths
Many a time bloggers and publishers try to publish content to fit in high ranking keywords to get better pay. However this should not be done at the cost of content quality. You should rather focus on publishing what you have good knowledge about as quality content matters more. If you have a passion for a particular topic, it’ll come more naturally to you and will engage readers better than a poorly written article on a topic you’re not well versed with. Hence don’t try to impress your audience with things you’re not keen and passionate about.

Keep Clicks Genuine
It’s important that your ads get clicks genuinely rather than you having to post on different social platforms for views. It’s a technique Google can catch after a while and it’s not a safe practice start ad click contests and try add your website to other traffic generating websites. By asking friends offline to click on your ads can help but this would not be a beneficial practice in the long run as the ads would not be targeting the right focus group.

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Avoid Robotic Clicks
Trying to get softwares to increase clicks is again a big no and this practice too can get you banned on Google AdSense. This again is against the rules of Google if it finds out that clicks are generated using fraudulent practices. Don’t try paying for clicks either as again it would not help advertisers to get them the audience they are looking for. Just clicking on ads is not enough if call to action is not being performed and real conversions are not being realised.

Quality Content
It’s very important to maintain the quality of the content you publish. Do not try to use violent topics like terrorism, ammunition, alcohol and other controversial topics just to get viewers as this too is against the Google policy. It keeps a check on the data and keywords you use and this too is a point to keep in mind.

With these do’s and don’ts of Google AdSense, you can streamline the way you use keywords and ads to get organic and genuine traffic and by knowing what practices to avoid, you will always be on the good side of AdSense which will help you generate revenue.

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